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  1. Hello domdag27, Here is a little program that solves your problem. You can test it by using the three files (test.html, screen.css and local-storage2.js) I've attached to my reply. It can of course be further improved, for example by checking that no two tasks have the same identifier before being added and displayed in your table. As a general rule of thumb, you should always split up your JavaScript programs into several parts (= or little functions) to write it and improve it more easily. You'll see that in this one, there is seven little functions each dedicated to a specific pur
  2. I think the first if statement is correct, Stefan, since we must be sure that the numbers array actually contains at least one number. So, numbers.length must indeed be strictly greater than 0. What is not correct is... 1) The initial variable declaration: var numbers = (1,2,3); // You can't use parentheses to declare an array without using the array keyword like this: //var numbers = new Array(1,2,3); // Instead, you have to declare an array by using the short square brackets notation: var numbers = [1,2,3]; 2) The arguments passed to the max() and the min() methods of the
  3. Hello perryc, If you're still alive since you posted your last question on this forum (just kidding...), in order to get your absolutely positioned image to scale the way you want, you have to do two things : 1) Be sure to wrap your absolutely positioned image(s) in a relatively positioned container. 2) Set the desired width for each of the images you want to scale in a relative unit (like in percentage for exemple), and not in a fixed unit (like in pixels for exemple). It is not enough to set a max-width equal to 100% for all your images, because the "width" value applied to
  4. You're welcome. Let me know if you are stuck at some point. Good luck!
  5. Hello Andrea, We are two years later, but since your website is still active, the following might be useful to you: 1) You already solved partly your problem regarding your header (from the "width" point of view, but not entirely from the "height" one). For you header div, you could use "background-size: cover;" instead of "background-size: 100%", because at the mobile width, your #dbe3f0 substitute background color for this div starts to appear as a grey horizontal strip below your background-image, which is not very beautiful. 2) Also, still at the mobile resolution, y
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