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  1. He means post a link to your site here, so that we can look directly at the code to see what is going on.
  2. Thank you so much both of you, it worked like a charm.
  3. I am having a problem with fancybox. It's working perfectly in most browsers except of course IE. It does work in IE7 and 8 but the left and right arrows and closing X don't show up. Has anyone had this problem and did you find a solution?
  4. I would agree with Ben. While the artist maybe very talented, the website does not convey that. The artist is a beautiful woman who is obviously very dynamic, but the website is static and doesn't grab you. There is no real colour scheme to speak of. I would take that main-photo and work the site around that using the colours from it. They are vibrant and dramatic. Take a look at this site which is also for an musician kailinyong.c om
  5. After trying everything, in CSS, JS, etc. etc. A light bulb illuminated the brain and "Ah ha" said she, " I need to put the cursor styling inline! Eureka!". So now it does work in FF and Webkit browsers.....except of course for IE. what else!.
  6. Yes I have an icon image for the cursor, but yeah it doesn't work in both. As you say, "nevermind" but I guess I'll have to put a little tag saying click to enlarge or some people might miss it.
  7. Yes I tried that same result, only one works.
  8. Just give the paragraphs that need it a class and then you can add the extra space you need and it will only affect those specific paragraphs.
  9. virtual

    css is off

    The site is emulating IE7 and you already have conditional comments for IE in the header section. You can add to these to target the problem you are having and it will only affect IE. However as you have a lot of pages in your site it might be a good idea to group all the IE css into one specific style sheet and link to it using a conditional comment and place the link under the link to your main style sheet. Read this http://css-tricks.com/how-to-create-an-ie-only-stylesheet/ or Google for more info.
  10. I am having difficulty getting the cursor to turn into a magnifier in both Mozilla and Webkit browsers. In the js file, I have this line cursorcss: 'url(magnify.cur), -moz-zoom-in', //Value for CSS's 'cursor' attribute, added to original image which works fine with Firefox, however if I do this, neither of them work. cursorcss: 'url(magnify.cur), -webkit-zoom-in, -moz-zoom-in', //Value for CSS's 'cursor' attribute, added to original image I can only get one or the other to work, not both at the same time. I also tried adding this into the html file <script type="text/javascript"> $("img").css('cursor', function() { if (jQuery.browser.mozilla) { return '-moz-zoom-in'; } else if (jQuery.browser.webkit) { return '-webkit-zoom-in'; } else { return 'pointer'; } }); </script> but that did not work with either of the browsers. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.
  11. Like Newseed said you can change the Doctype for new documents, in CS4 it is probably the same as in CS3, just go to Preferences - New Document and change the Doctype you want.
  12. I really like your designs, but you really should update your coding. No proper Doctype, too much Flash and OMG..... tables.
  13. Brian, If it's your Chinese Drywall Victim site, it is showing for me in Firefox on Mac. Have you cleared the cache on your browser? If not, do the following http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/How+to+clear+the+cache?s=clear+cache&as=s
  14. You'll probably find that everything under the sun is taken if you are looking for a dot com, even made up names. Adding design onto the word you choose would probably help though. I was just looking for a name for a store and had a hard time finding something short and catchy that was available.
  15. virtual

    CSS Sprite Menu

    I have PM'd you the css.
  16. If your page is not showing in the web browser, it may be because you do not have the right extension, .htm or .html. Set the preferences in your text editor to plain text and save as .htm or .html, check to see that the text editor has not added a double extension .txt.htm.
  17. When using a text editor for web design you need to make sure that when you save your file the extension is htm or html not txt. Oftentimes this is overlooked.
  18. And I miss the "Active Topics" or "Unread Posts" link at the bottom of the page in case of lengthy discussions..
  19. I'm afraid I don't quite understand why you need so many different sets of padding.
  20. If I understand what you mean correctly, all you need to do is give either the h or p tags a class so that you can better define the padding according to their use. I don't think it is a good idea to declare directly in the html.
  21. You could try out these two options http://css-tricks.com/perfect-full-page-background-image/ http://www.wickham43.net/backgroundfullwidthflexible.html
  22. If no one is interested give them to your local library, that's what I did with mine when I went abroad.
  23. Yeah and it's summer holidays so all the students are at the beach, not doing projects....
  24. You could try the garage door Jquery - http://css-tricks.com/garage-door-style-menu-using-animated-background-images-with-jquery/ or take a look at this for different possibilites - http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/
  25. Put a CC for IE7 and change the margin-left to 220px to move it over. I take it you are not bothering about IE6?
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