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  1. At least you will now be ahead of the times and just waiting for IE to catch up. I did the same as Andrea, I let the corners be square in IE. I did try CSSPie but it only worked on the top corners not on the bottom ones, go figure, so I gave up.


    P.S. Did you forget my little request???

  2. Ditto that for HTML5 and CSS3, they would be fantastic if all the browsers behaved the same way. Unfortunately that is one of the problems of web design, the fact that they don't all work the same way. LSW gives good advice, use Firefox primarily and if your site is coded correctly and validates, you should only have a few minor tweaks to make in the other browsers if at all.

  3. I would suggest to your friend that she finds a horse related template in Wordpress, then she won't have to deal with any code at all. She can add images, pages, text into it through the dashboard. If she knows a little code, she can probably tweak the theme and put her own images in.

  4. There is an element which is not loading, probably the Flash, so I could not test the code in IE7. From looking at it in Firebug, I can see that it is a problem with the way you are positioning your divs. You have way too many floats and are using positioning which you do not need.


    For example for the header and nav, change to this:

    #logo {width: 210px; height: 88px;}
    and remove top from #navbar and add margin-top: 38px;

    if you write the code for the leftpane-left-bottom

    #leftpane-left-bottom {


    You will still need to tweak the top margins and I have not corrected the whole page. By the way these corrections work in Firefox too.

  5. If you created the Flash video yourself just Publish it in Flash. Go to the Publish settings first and under Formats check Flash and HTML then click Publish and Flash will create the .swf and .html page. Then just copy the embed code from the html page and put it into your page.


    P.S. Run a spell check through your site, you have quite a few spelling mistakes. :blink:

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