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  1. She did put in the quotes, and funnily enough I do have it installed. I just looked at it and the full name is Bradley Hand ITC TT, so it does show up if I put the full name in.


    Dina, you are best to stick to basic fonts to avoid this issue, or use a selection of fonts


    font-family: "Bradley Hand ITC TT", Tahoma, serif;

    so that if they don't have the first font, or the second the browser will choose the default serif font in this case.

  2. You have put

    above the tag. As it suggests, the body should come below the head.


    Try putting it back in after the closing tag and before


    Try taking an online course from your local college, they are very inexpensive, and you have access to a teacher by email and usually a forum if you get stuck.


    Good luck

  3. I don't see the scrolling issues you described in IE7, (using VMware on a MAC) however you do have 37 errors in your html code.


    In case you are interested, in IE6 your navigation bar is doubled and the content background image is cut off and repeated.

  4. I think that I need to change my default path in .profile, to access the MAMP MySql, for the moment it is

    export PATH="$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin"


    Should I change this to

    $link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'root', 'root');


    Please help

  5. I previously had PHP and MySql set up on my Mac, but after changing computers, transfering the whole hard drive to the new computer and updating to Leopard, the computer refused to connect to localhost. After hours with Mac support, they informed me that the upgrade to Leopard had probably corrupted something and to try MAMP.


    So I have set up MAMP but want to change the MySql root password, however when I type mysql -u root in Terminal I get the following reply

    -bash: mysql: command not found

    I guess this is because it is looking for the original mysql not the MAMP version. I am a total programming noob, but I have looked all over the internet to find how to access this version. Most of the replies are written in gobbledy gook, and I am scared to try start entering just anything into Terminal without comprehending what I'm doing.


    Could some kind person here please tell me exactly what I need to type to access this and set a new password.


    Thanks in advance for your help

  6. It is not only in Firefox either, in Safari your background does not repeat properly.


    I looked at your code online and you are mixing tables, internal and external css. All your css styling should be in the external css stylesheet not in the html page. You probably have major conflict going on between the two. I also noticed you specified a height for one of your columns, this may be the cause of your problem in Firefox and Safari.


    You cannot afford to ignore the problem in these 2 browsers, at least 25% of people use Firefox. If you had developped your site using Firefox for testing, then you would be hating IE, like all the rest of us....


    Good luck with your fix.

  7. Got it,

    You need to change this line of code

    background: url('bipolar.gif') repeat-x;

    to this

    background: url(../bipolar.gif) repeat-x;


    The reason for the error is that your CSS file is in a folder, so to call the image from your css file within the folder you need the ../ to tell the CSS to look outside its own folder.

    If you keep your css file in one folder and your images in another images folder you would need to change this to but only when calling the image from the css file.

    background: url(../images/bipolar.gif) repeat-x;

  8. Oops, I saw that typo too in the reply. Hopefully Dina removed the quotes and the -image and did not copy and paste my typo.


    Next step is to make sure that your CSS is calling the right image and that there isn't a typo in there too for example an underscore instead of a dash. As you can see from my mistake a lot of grief can come from a typo.


    Susie is right, can you give a link to the page, much easier to identify the problem.

  9. Hi all,

    Just wanted to introduce myself, I have been doing web design for about 3 years, more as a hobby but don't mind getting paid either.... There is always something new to learn and I thought your forum was great so I joined today.

  10. This has happened to me several times too.


    Change the following in your body tag

    background-image: url('images/dark_pixel.jpg') repeat-x;



    background: url(images/dark_pixel.jpg) repeat-x;


    In other words don't add -image to background and remove the quotes.


    Also there is no background image in your header css.


    Hope this helps


    [Mod Edit - I fixed the typo in the code line provided by virtual to avoid confusion]

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