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  1. Oh dear, well I just checked it in Opera and Safari and it is even worse there, totally on top of the text. This works in Firefox editing the CSS on both Mac and PC running on Mac .news { margin-top: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; background-color: #FFFFFF; padding: 6px 6px 20px; font-size: 0.9em; font-weight: lighter; text-align: left; border: thin solid #ccc; } .news a { text-decoration: none; color: #546078; float:right; } Let me know if you want me to check it again.
  2. Just like to mention that in the div class "news" the "Read more" link is on top of the text in Firefox 3.0.6 on Mac.
  3. Great resources you have there Eric. @daddyalfie, #FF0000 is a very bright red, you could probably tone it down a little to #CD0000 or CD2626
  4. No prob. As Ben says Design View is notoriously bad in DW3 and before. As long as your page views correctly in different browsers then don't worry about it, and certainly don't use it to design with. I have one page in a site that doesn't even show up in DW design view.
  5. I presume you are looking at your page in Design View. Closing your files/css/etc panels on the right side of your screen should not affect your layout. Have you tested your page in a browser?
  6. A very old fashioned looking design. I agree with JBall, lose the shadow, it is not consistent with the rest of the site. Neither is the blue footer. If you want to keep the shadow, I suggest adding one around the whole wrapper to make the page stand out from the grey background. The text is too big and I do not think mixing serif with sans serif fonts works well. I personally find the red in the header overly bright.
  7. I agree with Ben on all 3 points. Just a few extra comments: Your logo does not stand out enough from the rest of the page. I think the text should be smaller, definitely all one size and colour, unless it's a link and there should be more of it. I would lose the bubbles in the footer and put the footer links in a column on the side. It means scrolling to see them and some people don't like to do that, and might even miss them altogether.
  8. You can still "view source" from the Firefox Web Developer toolbar with no pop up message.
  9. If you are not new to web design, I would suggest you learn CSS. For the moment you are using tables and mixing inline and external css. I do not work with tables as I find the code very messy and heavy in the html page. I suggest you check, especially if you are using DW, that you have set cellpadding and cellspacing to 0 in all your tables.
  10. Maybe one of these http://www.flashkit.com/tutorials/Interactivity/Non-Butt-Adam_Lem-909/index.php http://www.miuaiga.com/index.cfm/2008/10/11/CF-Gallery-Creator--jQuery-Slider-Gallery http://www.reindel.com/accessible_news_slider/
  11. Would this be any good to you? ww w.ndoherty. com/demos/coda-slider/1.1.1/#3
  12. Don't worry about what Dreamweaver shows you in Design View as long as what you see in the different browsers you test in are OK. Don't even use Design View to do anything it will get you in trouble.
  13. Have you looked at Prestashop? It needs PHP5 but is easy to install and customize. And it's free.
  14. Well that's refreshingly honest LOL...
  15. Posting a link to your site would give a better idea what your problem is. You don't need a database to get feedback from your contact form. You can use something like this ready made PHP script which will send you the info by email. htt p:// formtoemail.c om (remove spaces)
  16. virtual

    website problems

    May I make a little design suggestion while you are still in the testing stage. It would look more balanced if the palette and its background colour in the header image lined up with the navigation column. For the moment they are offset. They could also both do with being a little wider. More like 1/3 - 2/3 ratio, I believe the optimal ratio is 3/8ths to 5/8ths for a 2 column layout. The navigation links could do with being a little larger and better spaced, they don't stand out enough and are smaller than the general text.
  17. I'm sure they understand English. I would also email the company whose products they are selling spector360 dot com and tell them about the problem, maybe they will have some influence. Although if you notice the links to spector from their product page does not work. How did you find out?
  18. As Thelma says, select your folder and click the PUT arrow, your whole folder will upload to the site. Just remember that to view it, your address will be different htt p://yoursitename.whatever/new_work/ if your folder is named new_work. The trailing slash will tell the browser to look for your index or home file within that folder. I would also suggest that you download different browsers to your computer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera so that you can test your site on them locally through DW. You can get a stand alone version of IE6, if you are running IE7, at evolt dot org or tredo
  19. From a design point of view, it is not very exciting, very basic and certainly not flawless. As Newseed said, the green inline links don't look good, neither does the red and blue text. Your colour scheme is blue, grey and black, it would look much better if you stuck to this colour scheme. Likewise the yellow stars with purple around them don't match. I particularly do not like the mix of serif and sans serif fonts and capitals and lower case. The top of the page is all serif and capitals and the bottom sans serif and lowercase. It doesn't flow together. I think you would find it
  20. Absolutely no help to poor Mukesh, but oh what a laugh I had. The guys on that forum have a great sense of humour, unfortunately at someone else's expense. Mukesh stick to this site for your questions, you'll get straight and responsible answers.
  21. If you put it on a pen drive, it will open up in whatever their default browser is. You can carry your whole site around on a pen drive and test it on different computers and browsers. To upload to your server. First you will need the access codes for your server. Then you need to define your site in DW, Local info - browse to your folder, HTTP address enter the name of your site. Remote info - enter your access codes and click Test. If you connect to the server, Click OK. Then go back to the file panel and click on the connect button (looks like a plug) then select your folder an
  22. Put the tool in the header with a blurb underneath explaining briefly what it does, then put the video underneath that if they need more info before they try it out. Your header is beautiful but it uses up a lot of space. My screen is 1280 x 768. With all the toolbars I have in my browser I can only see about 3/4 of that and consequently your button doesn't even show up on my screen unless I scroll.
  23. Otherwise, just put your site on a thumb drive and pass it around.
  24. It is however a prerequisite for this site. I think when you join a group, purely out of respect, you should abide by the rules or at least try to, not dismiss them entirely. The rules are there for a purpose however ridiculous you may think they are.
  25. Are all your files in the same folder, or do you have a different folder for images and CSS? Your path to the image may not be correct.
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