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    OK I just went back and checked your revised version. On Firefox nothing at all happens, in Safari it opens the native Mac Mail program and Opera does too.
  2. Thanks Eric, I do have DW but that's not quite what I'm looking for. I want something which will tell me which files and images in the site are not in use or linked to any files.
  3. Oh my, I've been working all day and hadn't heard the news.
  4. I know I have seen this on here somewhere but I can't seem to find it. I have inherited a very messy site that everyone has worked on and never cleaned house after. There are loads of images and files that need removing. What do you guys use to find all these redundant bits and bobs?
  5. virtual


    Sorry I can't help, but when I clicked on the email links nothing at all happened, using Firefox on a Mac.
  6. virtual

    Navigation Issue

    Oops, I didn't even notice the divisions in the background, maybe I need new glasses.
  7. virtual

    Navigation Issue

    They all look very similar to me on a Mac in Opera 9.64, Firefox 3.0.11 and Safari 3.2.1. Just a very slight run over to the right of the menu in Firefox, but nothing that an untrained eye would notice. Maybe our PC friends and Internet Exploder are showing different problems...
  8. If everything else is showing correctly in several different browsers, then your problem is only with Dreamweaver's Design View. Have your tried editing in Code View?
  9. Dreamweaver has a tendancy to do it's own thing in Design View. You should only use Design View as a guideline and absolutely never use it to design in unless you want major headaches. If your code is showing up fine in all the browsers then there is no need to bother what Dreamweaver's Design View is showing you.
  10. Have you tried publishing the html page with the swf file. You can then see if it is showing on that page and possibly use the code from it to insert the swf into your own page. Other point to consider, is the path to your swf file correct?
  11. For IE there must be a space after the brackets if you are using position e.g. background: url(imagename.jpg) repeat-y top left;
  12. If your images are not showing, the path must be incorrect. Are you sure your image folder does not have an s at the end? Or that the file you are linking from is not within a folder, if so you need to use
  13. The Liquefy filter is great for face lifts and boob jobs...!! The jowls are the saggy bits of skin around the jaw line, and under the chin. First duplicate your background layer and switch it off. On the background copy layer, go to Filters - Liquefy. Choose the tool at the top left side of the window, Forward Warp Tool, zoom into your image, make the tool smaller by using the one of the bracket keys while holding down SHIFT { is smaller and } is larger and gently push the jowls up. Don't overdo the push or you will distort her face. Zoom back out regularly to see the results before you hit OK. If it doesn't look right first time round, delete the layer and reduplicate the background layer and start over again. If you really can't do it, let me know and I'll do it for you.
  14. Cool summer break. Enjoy yourself, I'm sure you'll love it there. Good luck with your move to Chico and change in uni.
  15. Try this, on your site definition page for remote info, uncheck all the boxes - passive FTP, IPv6 etc. If the site still will not connect to the server go to the Server Compatibility button beneath the above mentioned boxes and uncheck Use FTP performance optimization.
  16. Yes, that's the one I meant. Once you get to your other pages, except for the blog itself, you have home and login at the top and all the rest at the bottom. To keep your site consistent you need to have all your menu in the same place on each page, and your blog should look like the rest of your site with the menu in the same place. The only way to get back to your pages from the blog is by using the browser back button.
  17. Same as newseed, I'm not into blogging either. From a visual perspective, I liked the home page with the header, but did not like the menu at the bottom. From then on there was no consistency to your site and very little content. It did not inspire me to start being a bean or spilling any.
  18. Yay for Mac, but when I have to test on Windows on my Intel chip I still use XP
  19. After Effects is Photoshop on Steroids. If you plan on being in the movie, video or TV industry, then you will definitely need it, along with the mastery of a whole load of other software. Deke McClelland is a well known name in the industry and I am sure you will learn a lot from his course. Photoshop is a fantastic tool whichever branch of the industry you wish to enter. If you are artistic there are a lot of different avenues to explore in Photoshop.
  20. Oh yeah, tell me about the beachball of death.... I am totally devastated that my favourite browser, with all those extensions is glitching on me!
  21. Have any of you been having issues recently with Firefox? I'm a Mac user and since my last Firefox update I have had a couple of problems: Gmail sometimes will not load on Firefox but does fine on every other browser I have. Firefox no longer redirects automatically, I have to manually click, especially annoying while searching for flight information. I will contact them if it continues, but just wanted to know if anyone else is having the same problems?
  22. Cool, the accessibility and the user agent switcher are new to me.
  23. Go to the Adobe site and look for Certification Training. They explain all the steps to becoming certified and give you training resources and where to take the exam. If you already have Dreamweaver, the help section is massive and is a great resource. You can also sign up at ww w.ly nda.com for $25 a month and use their online video training.
  24. Draw a rectangle the size you want the tapering gradient to be, duplicate the layer and fill new layer with white for example. On bottom layer, use gradient tool and fill with grey foreground to transparent background gradient. Next go to top layer and Com+T or Ctrl+T and expand top layer to hide the majority of the gradient layer. I hope this is clear? If not let me know
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