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  1. You need to open the file with .fla extension to be able to edit Flash content.
  2. Validating means running your code through the W3C validator, which you can do from this link http://validator.w3.org/ for your html code and the following link for the CSS code http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ You cannot make videos with Photoshop, you make videos with your camera and then edit them in Final Cut Studio or similar progam. Photoshop can only edit still images.
  3. Your link gives me different headers when refreshed but no content and no scrollbars, tested on Mac Firefox and Safari
  4. Your link does not work, and yes people here do give feedback on your site, but only if it validates. Otherwise your request for opinions might be met with a long silence. Once your site validates it usually cures a lot of the issues you have experienced and then it might be more beneficial to you if you asked specific questions about the different areas that you are having problems with.
  5. I'm a new addition not an old timer and I love this forum. The only comment I would make is about the New Posts function, it only seems to work the first time I come back after leaving the site. Once I have answered a post and hit New Posts, rather then browser back button through the posting etc. the only thing that shows is the new post I just wrote and none of the others that I didn't even read and which I consider are still New Posts for me.
  6. The solution I gave you is pure CSS just to align the thumbnails, bearing in mind that they are of different sizes, heights and widths you are not cutting off any part of the thumbnail image, just arranging them in a more visually pleasing arrangement. This is an old site I did some years back using lightbox, where I had the same problem and huge images to display, all done in CSS http://walterbusuttil.com/kitchens/index.html I don't particularly care for the layout but the client loved it. Now I prefer to use a CSS rollover gallery, but that would not be good for you as the displayed image is always the size dimensions.
  7. If my previous post is obscure, your code should look like this CSS .portrait { float:left; width: 100px; margin: 10px 20px; padding: 5px; border: solid 2px #FFF;} p.float {text-align:center; } .landscape {float:left; width: 175px; margin: 10px 20px; padding: 5px; border: solid 2px #FFF;} .clear{ clear: both;} HTML alt="Monroe Station"> Dawn at the hammock alt="Monroe Station"> Dawn at the Hammock alt="Monroe Station"> Dawn at the Hammock alt="Monroe Station"> Dawn at the hammock alt="Monroe Station"> Dawn at the Hammock
  8. You cannot align thumbnails that are portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) without it looking messy. You could try putting all the portrait ones together on one line and then below that another set with the landscape thumbnails, you would have to give them a different class and define the measurements in the css. Another solution would be to crop your thumbnails so that they are all the same size, the photo would be the regular size, but all the thumbnails would be the same size to fit into the grid.
  9. You can use and tags to make say 4 columns of 5. See how the css is set up in this exampledyna micdr ive.com/style/csslibrary/item/css-image-gallery/ (delete spaces)
  10. Your css declaration for the p class="float" is not quite right it should look like this div.float p.float {text-align:center; }
  11. You should have an html file which links to the css file, both should be in a folder on your hard drive, probably named index.html or home.html. To view the changes you have made you just double click on the html file to open it in your default browser. I suggest that before you make any changes whatsoever you make a copy of each file so that you can always revert back to them if you mess up. Also view each change in the browser as you make it, not after you have made several changes or you will not understand properly which change has the desired effect.
  12. When zooming into your banner jpeg I can definitely see a border around the whole image. So the issue is in your original file. You may have added some sort of layer effect. As for the gif files it seems more likely you need to declare "border 0" because links on images usually show a border around them. However your page has no Doctype and does not validate so you might like to check that also.
  13. I have tested on my oldish PC in IE8 and using developper tools from IE8 on IE7, and also in a standalone version of IE6 and all the scrolling works.
  14. It didn't drop the line for me on Opera 9.64, but it did on Firefox and Safari. Edit: Well it looks like you fixed it because now the About Us is aligned with the rest.
  15. What a mess, you should only use tables for tabular data and CSS for layout and styling. As for validation, your html on the contact page has 37 errors and the CSS 6. There are all sorts of missing opening and closing tags. Apart from that, as you are using tables you need to use rows and put your quote on the same row as the top part of your text with the Contact form in another row underneath. At the moment you have everything in one unclosed tag with the quote at the bottom. If you are going to be doing web design, do yourself a favour and learn CSS for layout, it's really not that hard.
  16. You could try this http://www.labnol.org/internet/design/html-embed-mp3-songs-podcasts-music-in-blogs-websites/2232/
  17. Just a quick tip. If you use the templates, duplicate the index and the css file and mess about with the copies. I would also suggest you modify one thing at a time and view the result in the different browsers to help you understand what effect each part has. If you modify several things at one time you can't be sure which one had the desired or undesired effect.
  18. Try Eric's tutorial http://www.visibilityinherit.com/code/php-includes.php
  19. Funny how everyone seems to think that Dreamweaver is God's gift to web design.What you see in Design View is definitely not what you see in web browsers. There is nothing better than testing in IE6 - 8, which is where most of the problems reside, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. I think you might need to download the files you are talking about into a folder and then define or "Manage Sites" with DW so that it will know where to look for them locally.
  20. virtual


    You need a script to make your form work. Google "formtoemail", it is copy and paste and just add your email address. Very easy to implement.
  21. The answer to your problem is in this post http://www.killersites.com/forums/topic/1822/drop-down-menu-woes/ more specific to your Flash problem Otherwise there is this post, more specific to Javascript http://www.killersites.com/forums/topic/1893/zindex-problem-in-ie7/
  22. You can also download free CSS Templates (just Google Free CSS Templates) which will give you the css file, index file and images and then you can play around with the CSS to see how things work.
  23. The reason the site loads slowly is that the photographs have not been optimized for the web, I looked at 3 at random. The resolution for the web should be 72. Some of the photos are 240 and 700kb, that's huge. As for the beauty of the site, I really like the dark colours, but I'm not enchanted with the white background for the photo thumbnails and to look more balanced it should be at least the same width as the header. The navigation buttons with the big pink border look a little clunky, a smaller border would look more refined. I think it would look better if you left the button background the same colour and just used the change from top right to bottom left border to indicate the hover. I would make the header the full width of the site and move the navigation down level with the content. I also find the logo "Daybreak Photography" very fuzzy and difficult to read on the home page. Ideally the header and the logo should be the same on all pages with maybe just a change in the image on the right hand side for the different categories which would depict them visually. By that I mean - Engagement maybe an engagement ring, Scenery - a landscape, Weddings - a bride or a wedding cake. Have a look at the photo gallery in this site for a different idea of display maraz uldelsur.co m/gallery.html
  24. Google for it or try dyna micdrive.com, they have all sorts of goodies.
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