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    Knowing the kinds of stuff most peeps on this forum are familiar with, but also I likes to show peeps how I learn stuff via some tutorial or two that I've put together. I also likes to do a bit of drawing, drinking, writing... Sorry, did I say drinking? Nah, I meant to say thinking of course! Silly me. LOL

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First of all, I'm not what you'd call a professional (at anything) web designer. I just like to manipulate things to see what they can do. I usually let the professionals do the figuring out for me. Bad, I know, but I am trying to change my ways.


I've been around on this planet for quite some time, yet look very young for my age. Some people have had a hard time with that, but what can you do? It's not as if I'm going to be around longer than most, and to be honest I'm more likely not to be. :o Anyway, who cares already? :lol:


In a past life I was a diesel fitter working on the black taxi cabs of London. Now, I think I might be on my way out in my current job through health problems. In a way that's why I'm here. Finally I'd like to stick to something that I'm more familiar with, or have been on and off. :rolleyes:


The not so funny thing with me is that every now and again I do this disappearing act from here, from there and anywhere mostly so that I can concentrate on doing other stuff like, drawing, writing poetry and silly stories, and getting into all sorts of troubles doing too many things, mostly at the same time. :rolleyes:


On top of that my memory isn't too brilliant either. I'm always looking for ways to improve my recognition rather than real memory. Association is key to memory, but it doesn't matter how well I may know a word, or how often I've seen and read something, it always goes in one eye and comes out the other. :lol:

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