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  1. Les

    Help With Sessions

    You have great web site, brilliant
  2. Les

    Help With Sessions

    Hi Ben Many years ago LSW, told me about this forum as CSS first started, i remember you as a youngster asking advice on here, you are the MAN now !! cheers Les
  3. hi Kyle, yes its Limey ha ha, long time no see, hope you and your family are well in alaska ?



  4. LSW

    THE Les? Limey, that really you?

  5. If you put a background image 90 pix 90 pix on top of the original BG image 90 pix 90 pix(Layer ?) It is then linkable, or it was some years ago not in CSS, when on a forum it stated background images are not LINKABLE, I proved it could, cheating i know hi Andrea, Its Les here 'The Brit' Hope you are well ? Cheers Les
  6. Merry Christmas, to everyone, lets hope the new year brings you prosperity in your Web Design business's
  7. I am not sure if you have changed the link ? BUT I have got here so it 'Must be a GOOD link' Merry Christmas Stefan - The Forum looks nice
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