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    Background issue

    Aye.. I get it now.. the problem was in the image... eww.... thanks for the help <3 http://lambofgod.webng.com/last_try.html
  2. raistlin

    Background issue

    hello, I got an BG issue like it works on one website... but it aint working on the other one here it's, i got this website which is workin fine http://lambofgod.webng.com/index.html like what u can see in this website that the image is resizing it self for to fit to the screen resolution, and there this website who is using the same code but the BG image aint resizing http://lambofgod.webng.com/last_try.html , can u please tell me how can i make the same thing as in the frist website, I mean an self resizing image. im using FF Thanks
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