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  1. I am having to rebuild a client's site because we failed to back it up and the files were lost. I have an image attached of the slideshow I'm needing to recreate. It appears to be very simple. I was wanting to know if there is a script I can use to get this look. Also, when an image is clicked another slideshow pops up showcasing more images. I hope I've made myself clear. Sorry in advance if I don't have all of the lingo correct.http://www.dailygraphics.net/idslide.jpg
  2. Can someone please advise me on where to add the code that sjhwebdesign recommended putting on the product_info.php page. I believe that page is causing my problem because I have uploaded old product_list.php pages and they are doing the same thing. Thanks!
  3. I hate to ask this question but where do I put the code on the product info page. Also, the images need to be displayed in rows of three instead of 1 column. Thanks for your help.
  4. Short_desc is set on the database. On my page I'm viewing in GoLive there is, not sure what it's called, but there's a blue rectangle that has, ?echo?, with the processing instructions, echo $short_desc;. So the various product description are drawn from this one page using our database. As far as the URL, it's displayed the same way both times.
  5. Okay, got it working. I downloaded a new font cleaner program and it worked like a charm.
  6. Hi all, I've been looking at this all day again and trying to figure it out. I notice that the initial page that is brought up incorrectly has product_info.php(JPEG Image) as the title. The title should be Product Information. It's displayed correctly of course once going back and clicking the link again. I'm sure this is a simple fix but everything I've read is Greek to me. If anyone has any clue that would be great.
  7. It's just happening on my computer. I know in the past it started after I installed updates but I don't remember what the updates were. I was able to use a font program to clean out my fonts and that worked but it's not letting me do that again. I will check to see if some kind of accessibility feature was turned on. I'll let you guys know when I find the solution. Thanks for the pointers.
  8. Hi all, I'm am using a Mac and I've been having issues with spacing in a couple of internet browsers and applications. Everything seems to be double or even triple spacing. I had this problem for a while on Safari and I couldn't find a solution so I downloaded Firefox and it was working ok. I upgraded to the latest version of Firefox the other day and it started the weird spacing too. I also have this problem in my Mail and TextEdit applications. I'm guessing that it's a problem with my fonts. Does anyone have a clue or come across this before?
  9. As far as not being able to echo an image, I'm not sure what you mean. Forgive me if at any time I sound ignorant. For the code snippet, <? echo $icon_img_link; ?>, icon_img_link is the name of the field on my database where the images are stored. There used to be a form with a view items button that the customer clicked to view the items. I wanted the customer to be able to just click the image so I took the button away. Once I added the hyperlink to the image I started having the issue as described above. I guess my ultimate question would be, can I add a hyperlink to a dynamic image? If so, I am willing to do the work if someone would point me in the right direction. Thanks again.
  10. Here is what the code should be doing. - Click on image - Image is linked to next page - Info for the next page is derived from database and displayed to correspond with the image customer chose. That's it.
  11. Please be patient with me, I'm learning as I go. I'm not sure if this is the correct code snippet you are looking for but here you go. I did validate the page and received the error, I/O Error: Unknown mime type : image/jpeg. I don't understand that though and if it's relevant or not. <? echo $short_desc; ?> <? I hope I've been helpful, if not, let me know.
  12. Good afternoon all, I have a php question about a webpage on my site. I hope I can articulate the question correctly to not cause any confusion. The problem can be found at ***. Once a customer clicks on an image for the first time a page is brought up that has the line, product_info.php?Product_ID=17 The next page, product_info.php is not displayed. When a customer goes back to the product_list.php page and clicks on an image the product_info.php page comes up correctly. This only happens when a new internet session is started. I was just wanting to know if anyone had an idea as to why this is happening. If I need to supply more info please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
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