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  1. I didn't realize that not only do I need to deal with browser issues, I need to deal with different display resolutions and sizes. eg.. viewing an image on a 13.3" screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, an image will be smaller than if viewing on a screen with lower resolution. I assume this also affects font size somewhat. This is very new to me and very confusing. What is the best way to deal with this and is there a trick to view not only how different browsers display the page, but also the many screen sizes with various resolutions? I noticed that I have the option to size an image using percent instead of pixels in my image editor - would I be better off using percents? Thanks in advance, Mark
  2. Thanks for the read, even though it filled me with disgust. How long will America stand with this level of corruption. Mark PS. Don't forget about Enron - it also included the Wall Street swindlers.
  3. dms

    CIW Webmaster resume

    Good question, but maybe it should be moved to... Business of Web Design? New to web design myself, so I'm interested in the responses. I would think that all skills you mentioned are important - the more you have to offer the better chance you will have at landing a job with better pay. From what I've read on this forum - I would think Flash might be the last to learn. I'm curious in process you took to become certified through CIW. Did you attend classes, study online, or self-study and then take each exam? Best of luck, Mark
  4. I found this to be a good read on electronic medical records and another example of American Greed. w w w.techdirt.com/articles/20090624/0317105346.shtml Mark
  5. I agree completion is good and price fixing is bad, but unfortunately OPEC does not agree. LSW most likely was referring to Shell, Moble, etc,. Being new to web design and getting ready to hang out my shingle, I've had the same concern about pricing - where do I start? I don't want to work for free and don't want to price myself out of the market either. But judgeing from what my future competitors are charging, I need to raise my prices before I even start. In my area from what I can tell, most seem to be charging around $60 per hour for updates to a present site, but it varies from below $60 to $145. It's a free market, so charge the most you can while retaining work and keep in mind that anyone can work for free.
  6. Glad to see it. Unfortunately number three usually is way behind in the numbers. For example, Coke, Pepsi, Royal Crown or Bud, Miller, Coors. Anyway, it should be a plus for Apple if it helps convert windows users into mac users. Will this speed up the release of windows 7? Should be interesting to watch.
  7. Pretty cool! I'm still learning html, css, php, mysql, but this is pretty cool. Is it really this easy to use some flash code?... create an effect using the Effect Generator and then paste the code into some html code and presto you are using some flash code? Wonderful, I don't plan on using much Flash, but it would be nice to spice up a page or two with a little flash. This sure simplifies it so I concentrate on my present studies. Thanks for the link.
  8. Great post! It is beyond belief as to why we continue with our present system as it bankrupts not just Americans, but America - it's all about self-serving greed. I'm 48 years old with no formal education and trying to learn a new skill (web design) to provide for my family. I have always been a severe asthmatic, so health care for me in America with a preexisting condition was a joke, not to mention totally unfordable. At the age of 32 I became deathly ill and had no health care. Prior to become sick, I was quoted over $800 a year just for me, which did not cover anything to do with the cardiovascular system and no prescription coverage. I just could not afford the coverage for myself, which would have not covered my problems when I did become ill. I have never recovered financially and chances are I never will. At the time I owned a water conditioning business, car wash, 3 video rental locations and two small commercial buildings. Keep in mind that these were well leveraged and I really was not making much money, just building equity and working my ass off. I became very ill for about 5 years. Sold everything and lived off the equity, until my wife finished school. So far we have avoided bankruptcy. I'm amazed when talking to most in America's. When I mention the Canadian system, I hear story after story about how you Canadians are crossing over to America for by-pass surgery, etc.. The Republican spin doctors are followed blindly by so many in this country, we may never see a system for all Americans. We can do better! I do hope President Obama can shake things up a bit and make some changes. Maybe health care isn't a right as an American, but it sure in essential to life no matter where you live. BTW. How much in taxes do you pay for your health care and how much does the average Doctor make a year in Canada? Thanks for the post. I for one am very jealous of your system.
  9. I'm trying to learn PHP myself and far from accomplished, but it looks like you should use $email not $email11 in your mail function. I'm not sure why you have ($email11="contact@myemailaddress.com";) in your code, so I may be way off. Good luck.
  10. Maybe you should post the code from the form also.
  11. For me the video started and stopped several times until I switched to normal quality, which was fine. I have a pretty slow cable connection. The video was great. Being very new to web design, I was glad to hear you explain how to put php to work in some real life examples, for example using wordpress and thanks for explaining how the Zend Framework ties into php. I would love for you to talk more about Zend.
  12. Even though I'm not a fan of Palin, I understand her not wanting this redirect. So, as soon as they figure out this is not Hijacking - look for a new law soon forbidding Redirects without permission. This could get interesting.
  13. Really getting away from the original post, but could you explain why would you would need or want to do this?
  14. I've added the PreventParsing tag to my site, so if it happens again, maybe it's something else. I'll post again if it re-appears. I'm pretty sure he has IE8, but I'll check. Thanks Mark
  15. Just read about the User Agent Switcher in Firefox. Would this be a better way to test in multiple browsers? I also notice that Safari offers this also.
  16. No it is not a free hosting account. The links seem to be random. I'm new to web design and use a mac (no IE), so I never noticed until I used my sons laptop (a two year old TOSHIBA) He told me that this was not visible on any other site besides mine. The links are not there using any other browser, so I would think it has to be an IE issue. My son has just switched to UBUNTU as his OS, so I'm not sure if I can duplicate the problem. I hope he can still boot using vista and IE. I'll check with him asap. One thing I did notice was that after refreshing the page the links disappeared? I don't know where the links came from, but I sure don't like em!
  17. Is this tag needed... [] in the header to prevent advertising links from appearing on the site? I noticed several link on one of my sites while viewing using IE and I did not code them in. I'm not quite sure how to prevent this from happening, but was hoping this is an easy fix.
  18. 1st) Remove (background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0); direction: ltr;) from your tag in the html. 2nd) Add it to your style sheet......... body {background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0);} you should not need the direction: ltr; As jlhaslip mentioned, remove the hash mark from in front of body. Do you have an id set for container, if not remove the hash mark there also.
  19. dms

    Internet Exployer quirks

    Thanks newseed, Works great!
  20. dms

    Internet Exployer quirks

    Is there a way to download IE7 and IE8. I tried, but IE7 updated to IE8? I didn't see an option to keep 7 in the process.
  21. starting over from scratch and will start a new post
  22. Code posted below: Note: magic_quotes_gpc Off Off magic_quotes_runtime Off Off magic_quotes_sybase Off Off 1st: with Larry's code removed it works as planned. But with no email injection protection. 2nd: with Larry's first block of code... (Check for bad values:) No matter what I type into the First Name field, the last else statement is processed. For example:... Mark 'bbc:' returns: ...Hello Mark 'bbc:', Question: With 'bbc:' entered in the First Name field, shouldn't the response be returned blank? After I get this section of the code working, I'll continue with the rest. Below is my code with Larry Ullman code included, with the variable ($value) changed to ($name-first). <?php /* data received from the form .......................................*/ $name_first = $_POST['firstname']; /* Start of Larry Ullman's code - can be viewed at .... http://w w w.dmcinsights.com/phorum/read.php?6,28810 */ //Check for bad values: function clear_user_input($name_first) { if (stristr($name_first, 'content-type')) return ''; if (stristr($name_first, 'bcc:')) return ''; if (stristr($name_first, 'to:')) return ''; if (stristr($name_first, 'cc:')) return ''; if (stristr($name_first, 'href')) return ''; } /* .... this is the end of Larry Ullman's code....... */ // somewhat validating the form information... if (empty($name_first)){ echo ' Please complete all required areas identified by.... ';echo ' ..... Green Text: * '; echo ' Use your back button to complete the form. ';}else { echo ' Hello ' . $name_first .', ' . 'Your email has been recieved and I will respond asap. ' . 'If this is urgent in nature, please give me a call. ';} ?>
  23. Finding out that magic-quotes was on, I know why the backward slash was added. I corrected the strip_tags to include a variable. Even with magic_quotes turned off, the script still does not work properly. I turned magic_quotes back on till i figure this out. strip_tags() apparently does not include single quotes, double quotes or the backslash, but does include HTML tags??? I would like to start over, take everything out and insert Larry Ullmans code, but I don't thoroughly understand it. I'll take a stab at it tomorrow and repost. Thanks for you help!
  24. PHP Version 5.2.3 jlhaslip viewed phpinfo and magic quotes was on. I had turned it off and did not save.
  25. I know this is not complete but should work when a backslash is inserted into a field, shouldn't it? if (eregi("(\r|\n)", $name)) return ''; if (eregi("(\r|\n)", $email)) return ''; if (eregi("(\r|\n)", $phone)) return ''; if (eregi("(\r|\n)", $from)) return ''; This code was added just below... $v_email = stripos ("$email" , "@"); in the code posted earlier.
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