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  1. LSW

    THE Les? Limey, that really you?

  2. Pissed off as usual

    1. Les


      Hi Kyle


      being pissed off most of the time is how I remember you ha ha Les here the BRIT

  3. Due to Tornado losses in the US American mid-west, Web designers are desperately needed in these areas... NOT.

  4. How much use are Web Designers in Japan right now?

  5. Looking for a real profession

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    2. LSW


      Oh, that and accessibility, how it is hard to convince people to do the right thing, to do what they must feel is morally correct. Very few give a damn about people with special needs, they just want their ego stroked with slick web sites regardless of how many people they lock out.

    3. danhodge
    4. administrator


      Learn PHP ... you should start getting lots of gigs.



  6. In an apocalypse, will your web design and programming skills help you survive? I think not. We are all screwed. Web Development is a virtual career with no real use. It is as insubstantial as Wall Street money and Moon Beams.

  7. What is a good email to chat with you at?

  8. Oh, anti-IT as well.

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