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  1. Morning' date=' Ya, I saw and used that, but it seems to only do one div at a time. I couldn't get it to do the whole page. Can you?[/quote'] I haven't really used this feature. We played with it in class for about ten seconds as a lab lesson. But, according to this page of Adobe's tutorial you can:
  2. Well, neither the HTML nor the CSS validates. 17 errors in one and 13 in the other. Fix those and ask again...
  3. Seems to render correctly now. You still have 675 Errors and 8 warnings. Mostly due to closing tags and missing "alt=" attributes (these are required) Don't get discouraged. Code is a very finicky thing. You have to follow the ground rules to the letter or things start to break. A good place to start would be removing the in line styles and adding those rules to your CSS. And adding the "alt=" attribute to your images. Many times correcting one thing will drastically lower the number of errors the validation finds.
  4. Hiya, gang! I'm looking to rebuild my PC. I am going to reuse the hard drives and sound card. I know I want a Pentium Dual Core, would love a Quad, but I'm going the cheaper rout. And I know I'll have to buy new RAM. Which brings me to my question: What motherboard do you recommend/suggest? I'm looking for an integrated video card (again, for cost) I'm sure anything new would be better than the one that came with my 4 year old Dell. Unless, you know of a stellar combo deal on a video card and motherboard, this is route I'm thinking...
  5. Sometimes you may need to turn off PS and reboot the program before it will recognize a change. I just tried moving and replacing several patters from PSCS3 with no trouble. I'm not sure what's going on for you. You can also use "Replace Patterns" which will clear the window and replace it with the pattern you choose... Short of turning it off then back on I am at a loss, sorry.
  6. Happy New Year my fellow code junkies! I hope 2009 brings joy and happiness to you all! Sveiks!
  7. You may find something in the link provided in THIS POST
  8. Your entry made the number one slot for sucky web pages of 2008! LINK
  9. So, um... Whats the magic number to hit to become an "Advanced Member"? I just noticed my status has changed from "noobie" to "Member". I assume thats a post count thing. Oh, and could we get a "hmm" smilie?
  10. You might find this article on folder structure helpful. http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_14029
  11. body { color: #A9A9A9; background-image: url(images/dark_pixel.jpg); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-attachment: fixed; }
  12. OK then check out this thread
  13. JBall

    How does this work

    By default certain elements carry a predetermined padding and margin. If you are seeing extra spaces between elements on your page, this could be the culprit. By "resetting" these elements to zero, you have control over placement.
  14. a:link img{border: 2px solid #0000FF;} a:visited img{border: 2px solid #0000FF;} a:active img{ border: 2px solid #0000FF;} a:hover img{border: 2px solid #009933;} ul { list-style-type: none; } Are you trying to make rollover effects using just CSS?
  15. I'm a college student looking to enter the design/ development world. I also freelance when the opportunity arises.
  16. Folder structure is important too. Your images should be in their own folder on root level. And really so should your style sheets. When you open the www dir folder you should see all of your pages html/php a folder for images and a folder for styles. That being said you'll need to update your links to reflect the new structure. Like your link to the style sheet and all of your images will need updated as well. Thats a good practice. It will help in the long run to be organized. I'm not sure about php... But in html it is not neccessary to add the pound sign (#) in the div value. i.e. should be You still need it in the style sheet. Thats how it is identified as an id(#) or a class(.)
  17. JBall

    Help with CSS

    Thanks for the lesson.
  18. Um, thats a big question... Could you post your code and maybe a link if possible. That would help get the ball rolling. [insert "hmmm" smilie here] Well, I guess if you are planning on using "buttons" for navigation You'll need individual slices. If your planning on using text, one big slice would probably be OK.
  19. JBall

    Help with CSS

    I'm sure you're right. But, it doesn't seem right to me. "a" and "A" seem like apples and oranges... Out of curiosity, how does that hold up in FX3? I've always heard that IE shows you what you want it to look like but, FX shows you what you wrote.
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