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  1. ...and you should use an external style sheet as opposed to loading your head tag full of styles.
  2. Awe, jeez! I hope things get better soon!
  3. Sorry... I just thought it might be a nice distraction. But, I see all work and no play around here.
  4. Bought my parts today for the big rebuild. Here is what I got: Asus P5Q-EM Motherboard Intel Core2Duo E8500 CPU 4gigs of DDR2 1066 Raidmax Chameleon ~ 450w PSU w/ dual fans :D :D :D :D
  5. Surprised me too, how many have replied with a heavier taste in music. That's awesome. I like all kinds of music! From metal to Bluegrass, just depends on my mood. currently enjoying: Oysterhead - Birthday Boys
  6. There are a bunch of great add ons for FX. One of them being Foxytunes. Unfortunatly this forum doesn't seem to support the signature tunes part... currently playing: Limp Bizkit - Livin' It Up
  7. I know I'm always jammin' out some good tunes while designing or banging out code. How about you? You like music? Well tells us then: What are you listening to right now?
  8. Well, I'm not exactly sure whats going on there. But, a quick trip through the validator shows 85 errors. Cleaning those up would be a good place to start. And just giving a glance over your source code, you really need to use the p tags to separate your paragraphs instead of . In fact right after the first block of text you have two closing p tags but not a single one open before them.
  9. Could be, but with CSS - if you went through w3schools for basics of CSS and maxdesign for semantic mark up and styling, all you need is - practicing with test CSS templates keeping in mind modern ( as of 2009) browsers charts: in 4 years we "happily" got IE7 which now pushing away IE6 (with some revolutionary efforts of some designers:D). All use of CSS based on browsers support, bugs and all that. So in all, don't buy this old book on CSS, there are plenty of new ones. Thats a fair assessment. I digest...
  10. JBall

    IE7 CSS problem

    Can you post a link to your site so we can see what it's doing?
  11. Yeah there's quite a bit of white along the right side. Could you do two columns instead of one long one?
  12. How strange... I could have sworn I had posted on this subject. :hmm: I can't read Spanish either so critiquing the content is out of the question. However I do have a suggestion. Regarding the "Our Clients" page; I think the logos and the company names should be links to the company's home page. There are some big names on that list, along with a few I've never heard of before. It would have been nice to click on the logo and visit their site.
  13. A lot of programs that small businesses have to use, only run on ie6.
  14. Yeah maybe. But were not talking about reinventing the wheel here... All of the things the book goes over are still valid. They haven't changed the structure of CSS that much in 4 years.
  15. Thats a little big... But keep in mind that 28.8kbps is dial-up speed.
  16. If you are into books, I can't recommend CSS Web Design For Dummies enough. VERY easy to understand.
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