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  1. JBall

    Kuler Colors

    Might also mention that the new CS4 programs come with a fully integrated kuler tool that reacts just like the website. With the added bonus of clicking on a color pallet and adding it to your swatches instantly. I love it!
  2. How about this: http://www.inkscape.org/
  3. Please do. Any time you need it just ask! You've helped me plenty on the old board...
  4. 'fraid so. Photoshop doesn't really do vectors. Thats an Illustrator thing.
  5. I learned to manipulate div overlays by downloading a free template then changing things to see what was effected. I found it easier to grab a freebie then change it up as I went. I will add that I no longer do this because MySpace changes their code so much it was a full time job fixing broken code every other month. But, when I did I found the following blog to be very helpful. http: //views-under-construction. blogspot. com/2007/04/myspace-simple-div-overlay.html [remove spaces]
  6. It's all Greek to me! ba dump bump ching
  7. JBall

    css colors - begginer

    In this example the gradient image (I used Photoshop) is 5px wide and 210px tall. With black on top and green (#3d733b) on bottom. So in your CSS the body rule might look like this: body { background-image:url(images/body_gradient.gif); background-color: #3d733b; background-repeat:repeat-x; }
  8. JBall

    css colors - begginer

    When you create the image you are going to use it only needs to be a couple of px wide. And set the body background-color to the color on the bottom of your gradient. This way the image only needs to be as tall as the gradients upper portion.
  9. You'll need a line like this in your CSS: #container { margin: o, auto; width: 1013px; height:auto; } You have absolute positioning all over the place. But I couldn't find any rules for the #container div.
  10. OK, well try finding these two items in your style sheets: Thats the div that your language selection lives in. Its a child div of #banner-top. Add Ben's suggestion to #jflanguageselection in your CSS and I think you'll get some results.
  11. That's probably the best solution... :|
  12. Well, the article that Newseed posted says not to do that yet. :/ I wouldn't want to do anything that would impede on Ben getting his justice.
  13. I know... And in the long run it would probably come back on you somehow. It just infuriates me. You have a beautiful design one worthy of emulation. But stealing is wrong! Wish I could reach through my monitor and set his desk on fire...
  14. How do you say "thief" in Russian? Thats despicable. At least they are not trying to claim to be a web designer! We could all spam'em. ALL of us. I could ask some friends from other boards as well. I wonder if we could make his site crash?
  15. Mukesh, Open Dreamweaver > Create New > more > there you will find 33 templates from Adobe. All "standard" all adobe.
  16. @ Wickham: HA! That's hilarious! Did you read the first post on the designerstalk forum? It was started by "mukesh_designer" the same bloke who started this thread. In fact its the same question verbatim...
  17. Or if its just a page or two save it under a different name. Like adding the word test (ie: test_index.html) then load it on your server and pass around the url to your test page.
  18. Pretty sure your right on that, Thelma. 'Least, that's how they taught us at school.
  19. The text is a bit hard to read. I just wanted to throw that out there... Oh, I also couldn't find a link back to the home page after following the "Terms" link. I think a youtube style sidebar filled with the recent uploads might keep people around for the wait.
  20. Whats with the chat box? Why would someone want to steal Youtube videos then announce that publicly on meebo?
  21. It's a whopping 25 in Indiana right now with the forecast of 4 for the rest of the week. But, this little snow dusting were getting wont even be shoe deep. I couldn't imagine waist deep snow being the norm...
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