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  1. Fantastic post there, Kyle! People think that we're not advancing far in terms of space exploration at the moment. 30 years ago, we thought that we would all be having holidays on the moon and exploring the solar system by now, after all we landed on the moon in the late 60's! But the opposite is true with electronics and computer technology; was it Bill Gates that said that "640k is enough for anyone"... Funny how things turn out!
  2. In Photoshop, you can "Print Screen" and paste into a new document and then use the colour picker.
  3. Well, the simple designs can be some of the best in my opinion and although good graphic skills can help, being a good developer/programmer has far more scope in modern web design. Just think how many websites use complex server-side programming, databases, Javascript etc. That aside, simply browsing the web for inspiration is enough and it will get easier as you create more sites.
  4. The first link's broken. Overall, a bit of scrolling text is a bit of scrolling text in the end, whether it's in the form of a marquee or Javascript. I'd imagine that both are just as accessible as they're both plain text after all. Generally, from the perspective of both developers and surfers, anything that moves or flickers on its own is rather tacky these days.
  5. tpattison


    Hey, Stephen Fry is following the accessify twitter! Good to see a famous face there...
  6. Sorry Eric, that's supposed to be window.onload Also don't forget to close the function with a "}"
  7. Never heard of defer="defer". Anyway, you need to execute the JS onLoad, so wrap it in a function:
  8. You need to fill the $email and $name variables with the contents of the form: <?PHP if($_POST['submit']) { $email = $_POST['email']; $name = $_POST['name']; $recipient="me@mywebsite.com"; $subject="My Web Site"; ... Also, your form has "Submit" while the PHP has "submit" with lower case "s", so change your form to read:
  9. Do your Opera and Chrome have cookies enabled? Sessions are stored in cookies.
  10. Decided to look for a site with a definitive list of browser support for web technologies. Found this: When can I use...
  11. We'll be able to help you if you can post relevant HTML, or better, link to the page concerned.
  12. Closing this thread as it's a duplicate of set page to center; margin on left too big
  13. I would look at it as being different "levels" of bot protection. Most bots may only be capable of correctly filling out an email address if the field's id or name is "email" and may just put any old junk in the field which can easily be caught with a bit of regular expression-based PHP. Some bots will only be capable of filling in a basic form with Name, Email, Message fields and fall over on questions requesting specific answers, like 2+2, even if it is not in an image. Others may be able to work out sums if it sees them but only as proper text. Some bots may even be able to "read" the text in Captcha images but will be very complex programs.
  14. You need to add an onChange event to A. Give A and B an id if they don't have one already. Put the following in a function that runs onLoad: a=document.getElementById("a") b=document.getElementById("b"); a.onchange=function() {...Update b.value with a+7 days here...}
  15. So, why are the forms separate? Is it not possible to combine both forms to submit to the same PHP script to be processed? What you've already mentioned - cURL and GET are the only ways I think you can do it. I have had similar problems with PayPal submissions, where I try to prevent people from changing the values in hidden fields, to be submitted directly to PayPal. Submitting from within a script would make the transaction secure. It seems like an obvious thing to do but it is exceedingly difficult to initiate a POST from within a PHP script.
  16. 7K hey, well done! So... How many posts did you do with just :cool: in them, just to take the threads off the "Unanswered Topics" list! Eh?
  17. According to the Wiki, Inkscape can import both .ai and .eps files. Found this:
  18. Very good point! I can see that Microsoft will be forced to provide a "locked down" browser (IE), only being able to visit certain bookmarked sites. From there, the user can download the full IE, Firefox, Opera or whatever. I'm sure a purpose built application could be built - automatic updates already does this to an extent.
  19. Here they go again... Last time the EU fined MS for bundling Windows Media Player with Windows. This time it's Internet Explorer! So, should the EU play fair and ban Apple bundling Safari with OSX? Should any software be shipped with an operating system? BBC - Microsoft is accused by EU again
  20. I personally like the free Faststone viewer. Please see my list of Free Image Editors for many more.
  21. I really like this one, very colourful. The last one was bland and the original had that horrible multi-coloured border.
  22. Is this a MySQL database? Try using "root" as username and nothing or "mysql" as password. See if that works.
  23. I like listening to Massive Attack, Coldplay, Dido and Enigma and anything that sounds similar. But not being a big fan of the music that's currently in fashion at the moment, I like to scour the web for things that catch my ear. A few of my favourites: Alex Papadiamantis, ComradeF, Ammonite, Ambeam, Dreaming Blue, Endless Blue
  24. a:before { content: " >> "; } This means that the specified content " >> " will be added at the beginning of the element. It's not well supported though, IE6 definitely doesn't, not sure about IE7 though. Firefox does support it though.
  25. Your script's mail() function should contain a real email address instead of you@yourdomain.
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