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  1. Other than what Thelma already mentioned (changing the period to a colon, changing the order of the anchor states) remove @charset "utf-8"; from the top of your CSS.


    You can remove #menu a:link entirely and declare the styles for every anchor state just using #menu a. Then you only need to declare what changes in other states. Based on your existing CSS the only style change in any state other than the default is the font family. A font family that is more than one word must be enclosed in quotes in order to work.


    An anchor is an inline element. Applying width and height to an inline element has no effect. So you can remove the width and height declarations. (Unless you are planning on adding a background to make the links appear more as buttons, in which case you will need to add display: block; to #menu a and keep the width and height.)


    Focus should always be included along with hover, its not a matter of 'if you use it'. Hover only applieswhen using a mouse, focus will also include keyboard navigation. IE 6 treats :active as :focus so include that also to ensure your navigation is equally accessible to all users.


    #menu a {
    color: #fff;
    text-decoration: none;
    #menu a:visited {
    /* add styles for visited links */
    #menu a:focus, #menu a:hover, #menu a:active {
    font-family: "bradley hand itc";

  2. For writing font properties the order is:


    style variant weight size family


    The order of style, variant, & weight is not critical, but it must end with size then family.



    For margins, padding, borders the order is:


    When using 4 values: top, right, bottom, left


    When using 3 values: top, left & right, bottom


    When using 2 values: top & bottom, left & right


    1 value will apply to all 4 sides



    For background properties the only thing that matters as far as order is the left and right position. The first value is the left position and the second value is the top position. If only one value is declared for position then the 2nd value defaults to center.

  3. There's a quote by Ashleigh Brilliant that goes, "Should I abide by the rules unitl they're changed, or help speed the change by breaking them?" Every time I have to screw around to get a page to display properly in IE6 I'm tempted to 'speed the change' by saying the heck with it and letting people who still insist on using a outdated, crappy browser cope with the crappy results until they upgrade/change. If web developers as a whole stopped catering to IE, the plebeians would be forced to abandon it. The revolution is NOW! :P

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