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  1. hey folks, i was looking for a free image hosting site. I know there is flicr and others, however I am looking

    for something not as big and the picture sharing site that doesnt requre

    you to register. I just want to post pictures and share images after with friends,

    maybe use them as forum signatures and so on. Any suggestions welcome.



    Sure, put them on your own hosting account. Some host will have gallery/photo script that you can run as well.

  2. If the site is 'bloody awful' then why would you want it? Do you have lots of postings and users already? If not, then start over but give yourself full control.


    Did you pay anything at all for this site? Deposits?


    Is he hosting it for you or is it hosted on your own hosting account? If it's on your hosting account and he has removed the site/pages within the last few days then you could login to your control panel and submit a support request to provide you with a backup copy of the site.


    Not much you can do if he claims you owe hime $2000 and I can't imagine what work he had to do to cost that much unless it's a completely new template design and/or very complex coding changes to WP's core file. Either work with him and tell him what you don't like about the design or start over and take it as a lesson learned.


    If you need assistant with hosting, installation of Wordpress, design, etc. just post here and we will try to answer any questions you may have. Also, you can hire one of our experience regulars here. In most cases you can find a WP theme that will work for you and we can then install WP to your hosting account along with the preferred theme and make some tweaks as well for well below the mentioned $2000 that the guy is asking for.


    Before hiring someone, always do a background check to see if they have the skills and at least 3 clients to verify his/her work, efficiency, quality, etc. Believe it or not, portfolio don't always tell you the whole picture but it helps to know and review their past work.

  3. I like to add that if you have recently discovered the hack and that you don't have time to mess with trying to resolve the issue then you can check with your host about backups. Most hosts will go back 7 days. As for the database, typically the host don't back it up for you but you can set it up to run your own backups daily. WP might have a plugin as well for backups.


    And if you do have backups, be sure to wipe clean (delete) the files/databases that's there now before you upload your backup or else you will end up with the same headache.

  4. If I were you, search for a good open source shopping cart like ZenCart and provide her with a few shopping cart options. Most are easy to install and allow you to edit the stock header/footer. You could probably get it done in a couple of hours. Thereafter, it's up to her to learn the cart and keep it up to date.

  5. Hmm...it seems FX 8 and Mac don't get along well. Does this occur for previous version of FX like 7? 6? 5?. If not, then why not downgrade to one of the earlier version.


    Chrome: I like this browser too but I find that the Firebug plugin has less tools/options than the version for FX.

  6. I have done several stores but using mostly one shopping cart that is supported by windows server. However, if you are on linux then there a good number of carts you can use. The question is what she is budgeted for? How many products she intends to sell? What does she expect in return of sales? Security? Simplicity? Quality? Upgradablity? Support?


    Too many times owners of web stores mismanage their shopping cart by not keeping it up to date...doing customization themselves, etc. Sometimes they fail to monitor their store to make sure it's still fully functional. He/She will also have to decide if they want to maintain customer info including credit cards on their server or allow third party to handle such info such as Paypal or any other payment gateway that will keep that info for them.


    Free carts or commerical carts. Online store carts or carts she owns outright. There are so many and can be quiet challenging to decide which one is the right one for their store.


    Although I don't need the work but if you find that no one has stepped up and offer their services then by all means message me.

  7. Virtual: I don't have that problem but I wonder if your OS is different from mind. I'm running 8 on Windows 7.


    Also, you might review your add-ons for Firefox. You may have something there that just doesn't sit well with other add-ons causing your FX to behave sluggish.

  8. I never saw that dropdown from Stu. I did notice that he only showed one level dropdown even though he mentions that it's a mulit-column dropdown menu but not multi-level which is different.


    So far, I still have not seen a multi-level dropdown menu that will work without javascript, conditional comments or hacks for all browsers including IE6, Safari and Opera.


    As Wickham said, there's nothing wrong with javascript or conditional comments but it sure would be nice to have a fully supported CSS menu with unlimited dropdown/flyout levels that works without it.

  9. I am not sure which menu you are looking at (you didn't give the exact url for the menu you are talking about) but modern browsers such as IE9, Firefox, Chrome, etc will more than likely work without any conditional comments, hacks or scripts. However, we still have a chalk full of IE8 users along with IE7.


    The pure css method that Stu used have indeed worked without javascript but it require some conditional comments for it to work for IE6, 7 and 8.


    <li><a class="fly" href="#url">Contact Us<!--[if gte IE 7]><!--></a><!--<![endif]-->

    <!--[if lte IE 6]><table><tr><td><![endif]-->


    <li><a href="#url">Email</a></li>

    <li><a href="#url">Telephone</a></li>

    <li><a href="#url">Online Form</a></li>

    <li><a href="#url">Snail Mail Address</a></li>


    <!--[if lte IE 6]></td></tr></table></a><![endif]-->



    If your html code does not show those conditional comments then I suggest you view the menu in all version of IE as well as Safari and Opera to make sure it does indeed work for ALL users.

  10. I looked for JavaScripts, but so far, haven't found any that look bad.


    I assume that url should be in one of those files, but Dreamweaver didn't find anything.


    What is odd is that at home this AM, when I hovered over 'Blog' in the nav bar, I saw the bad url appear in the bottom left. and when I clicked blog, it loaded the page without CSS.


    Now here at work, I don't have either of these events occurring.


    Too weird.

    I don't suppose this would have something to do with the wpadmin folder files because (and I am assuming here) you probably don't log in to your site at work but you do at home.

  11. I have been so busy over the past year that I have neglected to update my old 3.6 version to the latest version. To my surprise the version to download is 8.0.


    Add-ons or plugins. Firebug is top priority and is it available for version 8? If not, what version of Firefox supports the latest version of Firebug?

  12. To add to the critiques: The text height get's crunched in Firefox.


    I know it's a lot to take in but just take the simple task first such as text alignment, link colors, etc. and fix those first. You will see a big improvement visually. Thereafter, just clean up the other stuff.


    And the load time, it does take too long.

  13. There is no css or html code for that type of numbering format. You will have to apply them manually with something like this:



    <span class="count">2.1.1</span><a href="url">Title</a>




    span.count {

    width: 40px; /*adjust the width as desired*/



    You could search to see if there is a jquery script that will do something like that for you.

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