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  1. Too bad. I know I will remember that little ol' frog forever. Frogs Lives Matter!
  2. Thanks Stefan. As much work as I do I am reluctant to upgrade because I do not want to experience any downtime. I asked about upgrading to a mirrored drive but with OEM and the product key embedded, my concern is getting access to Windows 7 during work hours while dealing with Windows 10 when I am not working. I have till near the end of June to make up my mind.
  3. Just curious, when you upgrade from W7 to W10, does W10 just upgrade over W7 or does it back up the former OS and then installs a fresh copy of W10 but keeping third-party programs intact?
  4. At first, Bootstrap was a beast to look at but I was finally able to get a hang of it since started taking it seriously back in 2014. For us, we may pick up on it in a fair amount of time but I can only imagine how overwhelming a newbie would be starting out on something like this.
  5. Keep in mind that mobile devices have far fewer font choices. So using one that works for desktop may not display as intended for mobile. Best thing to do is use Google Fonts which has a growing list of fonts over the past couple of years. In my last 10-12 projects I used Google Fonts and nothing but. https://www.google.com/fonts/
  6. I'm ready to move up to Windows 10 since my PC is about 5 years old but not a point to buy one until later this year. My wife upgrade her laptop to W10 and she likes it. I have not really heard any really bad issues when you upgrade from 7 to 10 but then I have not looked around enough to make any opinions about if I should go ahead and upgrade or not.
  7. After much trial and error, you can add other user's videos but only after you have subscribed to their channel. I did find someone that has already create a script to do just what I wanted along with some customization. http://www.embed-videos.com/ I highly recommend this author (Steve) and this script. He did everything we asked and did so responding very quickly to our requests. Tell him Eddie and Greg sent you via Greybeard Design.
  8. This may not be possible but I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there a jquery or some kind of code that will allow you to embed a youtube channel to a website that will allow you to customize various parameters (color, font, thumbs, size, etc)? 2. Is there a way to set up your youtube channel so that it can extract various videos that have already been uploaded on other user's channels? Basically, a client wants his channel to grab existing videos from other user's accounts. Is that possible?
  9. If you want to host the fonts yourself then you can download whatever google font(s) you like to use and then use Font Squirrel to create the web fonts and upload them to your site. You then link the provided stylesheet.css file to your web page header and apply your the font-family to your css.
  10. With mobile becoming more active in our daily lives we find ourselves (as developers) trying to cater our design to that market. There are many tools that can help you such as BrowserStack.com. However, not every can afford using and it seems a bit cumbersome and lacking when you really need to troubleshoot design issues for certain devices. As you know, Firebug is a great tool for Firefox in reviewing, troubleshooting and testing pages....at least for desktop. Trying to do this for mobile is a pain because you are dealing with browsers that is rendering as a desktop. Oh sure you can set a fixed width to simulate a mobile screen size but you know well enough that it will not give you the true results. The biggest issue is where logic is applied to show certain code for desktop but not for mobile and vice versa. One thing I found is a User Agent Switcher that you can plugin to your Firefox browser. Activate it and set the user agent to whatever device you are working on as in my case Samsung Galaxy 4. I would then set my Firebug UI location to be either Right or Left and adjust the screen so it's the size of the mobile's screen size. And now I can use my Firebug tool to troubleshoot any issues that I may have with Samsung devices. You will also find that you can import a xml file that provides you with a comprehensive list of user agents for all types of devices including browser for Max, Linux as well as all types of mobile devices. Currently, you can find that download here I am sure this has been around a few years but I have not really begun working with mobile until middle of last year and I struggled with it when it comes to troubleshooting. I hope this helps.
  11. Looks like it will be done NOT using Wordpress. I found a guy that will do the parallax portion of the design but it would be nice to see a few tutorials that shows how to do different types of parallax. One (most we all know about) is scrolling but the others like pinned and then scroll, move in or out, scroll up then stop(pause) and then scroll again. fade in and out, and so forth...yeah I know it's a lot to ask but I am in no hurry now but it is something I like to know more about.
  12. Well after spending a better part of my afternoon, I think I am in over my head about how it works. I have done a tad of jquery before with bootstrap usally with no problem but is using hover, click or toggle events and not scroll events which I have no clue. I have yet to find any resources that explains what each function does, how and why it coded that way. Here's an example in which I am trying to understand which is using skrollr.js <div id="foo" data-0="background-color:rgb(0,0,255);" data-500="background-color:rgb(255,0,0);">WOOOT</div> Bascially this tells it to transition the background from blue to red. I assume the data-0 is the beginning of the event and it last until 500 pixels later(?). So I figure it would be easy enought to start out with transparancy and then go to red. You will notice the addition I've made in bold below: <div id="foo" data-0="background-color:rgb(0,0,255,0);" data-500="background-color:rgb(255,0,0,1);">WOOOT</div> Well that didn't work. As a matter of fact it rendered it useless. So, I thought maybe I was going about it the wrong way and so I tried using data-opacity="0" but that didn't work. The scroll of background images seems easy enough but it's not what I want. I need a top nave to change color gradually when scrolling up. The other one is a profile image appearing on that page in a fixed position when first loaded and when some content comes up (after about 400 pixiels) to just right under the profile image it would then move up together. Need a tutorial on this Stef. My hair is becoming thin.
  13. I fixing to start on a small but important project that requires a couple of small parallax effects. My question is how to tackle this in the proper order. Do I code the page so that it lays down for desktop first and then make it responsive before I even apply the parallax effects? Secondly, I think the client wants to use Wordpress. My thought is that I could use WP's default 2014 theme which is responsive. I could then apply the design to it and then add the parallax effects. What do you think? Suggestions? I have already went thru a number of articles but I have to find one that gives you a guideline on what you should do first and then thereafter.
  14. Congrats...does this mean the faithful ones here get it free?
  15. Everybody is different when it comes to backups. I use WP-DB Backup but I have other clients use other types of backups. I think some are overkill while others are lacking. You need to just install the plugin and try it. However, I would make sure that whatever plugin you use that it supports your current version of WP and it has at least 4 stars. The other option is to check with you host. Some host keep backups for up to 7 days but my host is now saving backups 30 days back. You will also need to check with your host if they backup the site files as well as the db.
  16. Patches are common...usually it's an attempt to fix something that is not good for you. I mean...there are those who are using patches after patches in trying to quit smoking!!
  17. I've never touched Java. Kinda missed that groovy era!
  18. Groovy? I bet the developers are from the 60's. Never heard of it.
  19. From my perspective, figure out what you are worth. If you believe that your time is worth $20 an hour before all expenses then that's where you can start. Next determine what it cost you to be able to perform your job such as home office space, computers, software, etc. You would then need to figure out the average of that cost. For instant, a computer might cost you $2000 and is in service for 3 years. Based on 2000 work hours per year, that would be roughly about 33 cents per hour over the course of 3 years. Same thing for home office, software and anything else you use such as printer, supplies, phone/cell, etc. Also, keep in mind administrative time. Although you don't bill them directly for such service you need to factor that into your cost. You can do the same thing with domain and hosting but I usually keep those separate since most client wants to know the cost of hosting and such. Hypothetically, you may need to charge $30 per hour in order to satisfy the fact that you are making $20 per hour after all expenses. Finally, if you charge a fixed rate job then you need factor in approximately how many hours it would normally takes you to build a site and then times that by your rate. If it takes you 10 hours to build a site then it would be 10 hours X $30 = $300. This is not something written in stone but it will give you a general idea how to determine your cost.
  20. ShareThis works as a sticky sidebar just fine. http://www.sharethis.com/get-sharing-tools/ it's pretty simple for plain html page. 1. Under 'Choose a Platform' tab, select 'Website'. 2. Under the next tab 'Choose a Style' tab, select 'Sidebar'. 3. Click 'Next: Customize' 4. You can either customize it or go ahead and click 'Get the Code!'. 5. Copy the paste the 'head scripts' code into your head section of your website page. 6. Copy and paste the other scripts to the bottom of the webpage just before the closing body tag. That's it!
  21. Don't forget to take us with you.
  22. What you are looking for is modal window. Per that bootstrap page, click on JavaScript at the top and look for Modals. This will get your started but I am not sure how you can 'grow' the image and the display the content that that growing image disappears.
  23. newseed


    I haven't used Colorbox in a few years but you might check out Highslide. I found I can use ajax and iframe method. If you want to use Cololbox then check out the site's documentation and support forum.
  24. As I was saying, it's a learning curve but it has a lot of the functions ready for you. You just need to scan thru which one is best for you. From the bootstrap site, click on JavaScript from the top menu and then search (via your browser's Find) for Togglable. This might be what you are looking for. Another option is Collapse. You can test out some of the existing components/scripts yourself by copying the provided source which you could then modify it to fit your need. You can also check out Layoutit Again, it's a lot of readying but I am certain you will find something there that will help you achieve your goal.
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