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  1. Thanks for the help, Lynne. It looks like I'm in the minority here, so I will just go with it the way it is. I tried the fix in that thread, but it didn't change anything for me. As long as the majority can see it, we're cool. These videos will be posted privately for their individual customers to see the progress on their home. Should work fine. Thanks again!!
  2. Oh really? Hmmmm..... I've checked all the browsers on my PC and nothing. I'm on Vista - wonder if that has anything to do with it?
  3. Here's a sample video I am trying to embed. http://tinyurl.com/29cmakt It's a Quicktime video taken on my client's cell phone. I've got the video showing, but the controls aren't showing. If you click anywhere on the black bar along the bottom of the image, you can make it work, but where are the controls?! I've had this problem before, but I have never found a solution. Anyone?
  4. Susie

    Define "Spam"

    I don't know about whether it will hurt your site or not, but I am curious to know whether you're using the Akismet plugin. It will zap spam comments in a hurry.
  5. I see that you are using Blogger to power your website. Unfortunately, I don't work with Blogger, so I'm not sure how to tell you to fix this. Sorry about that! Maybe this link will help you figure out where you can edit the CSS: http://www.blogdoctor.me/2006/12/css-tips-and-tricks-for-blogger.html Hopefully someone will come along to help you soon!
  6. I can relate. I've been up since 3am and worked until 6:30am. Then I am busy with my kids and their school throughout the day (while trying to sneak in some work here and there). Sometimes I can work at night, but am usually too sleepy by then.
  7. Hi Holly, You should be able to add this to your CSS and make it centered: #EmilyPictureBackground { margin: 0 auto; } The first item (0) refers to the top and bottom margins. If you need some space, you can change that to any number. For example, 10px. The second item (auto) means that the left and right margins will be equal. Let us know if that doesn't do it. And if not, maybe you could post a link so we can check it out for you.
  8. It's nice to hear everyone's updates. Right now I'm working on a website for a church in North Carolina. Also, I'm working on a few WordPress themes and Ecommerce templates that I hope to sell on my site in the very near future. I just finished a redesign of my website to accommodate those additions. Other than that, I'm just busy being a mom and wife. My kids just finished spring break and are all in school at the moment. The silence is heavenly.
  9. http://www.socialbootstrap.com/how-not-to-ask-for-help/
  10. I had an issue like that recently. The contractor was over a month late and my client was becoming increasingly frustrated and angry. We were so deep in the project that I couldn't really hire someone else without having to start all over again, too. Very frustrating! I do some contract work for a graphic designer (mostly coding and cms integration of her PSDs) and I have hired a few of the regulars here at Killersites for my overflow work. I've not had a problem with any of them here. Let us know if we can help!
  11. Have you tried the Jquery Cycle Plugin? http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/ Oops! I see you are using the cycle plugin. Hmmm...
  12. Did you develop this site with WordPress? If so, maybe you could try the Nextgen Gallery plugin. It's flash.
  13. I checked in all my browsers (including IE 6) and I don't see any issues. I just wonder 2 things: 1. Does he need to clear his cache and hard refresh? 2. Maybe he has his browser zoomed in a bunch? When I did that, the navigation did become somewhat hidden.
  14. Happy Easter! My family and I just got home from celebrating all day long.
  15. I just realized something I miss. Or maybe I'm just used to it from other forums I participate in and it was never here at KS. Anyway, is there a way you can add an icon to the space where our names show beside our posts that indicates whether or not we're online?
  16. Glad you got it working. How weird, though!
  17. I despise GoDaddy when using WordPress. DESPISE them. What type of server are you on? Windows or Linux? I can't imagine WP causing the problem. I've had clients purchase Windows hosting and I call GoDaddy to switch them to Linux because Windows causes so many issues. BTW, the site came up just fine for me.
  18. That is so weird! Can you try a different plugin to see if the problem still exists? Contact Form 7 is an easy one.... And do you have the latest version of the plugin installed?
  19. I sure don't. I've not had a client make this request. Sorry about that. One other plugin suggestion is WordPress Database Backup. It's free to use. Now, however, I'm using BackupBuddy by iThemes. It's not free, but it's really awesome.
  20. I've heard good things about Magento, CS Cart, and CK Gold.
  21. I'm not in my home office right now, so I don't have my bookmarks, but you can probably search for these and find them. Here are a few that I always like to use: My Page Order Exclude Pages (both of the above might become unnecessary when WP 3.0 comes out because it will have an awesome menu management feature built right in) NextGen Gallery - this one is good if you need to include a rotating slideshow or photo galleries Contact 7 - contact forms that are pretty easy to work with When I get back home, I'll add to the list.
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