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Status Updates posted by falkencreative

  1. Finally launched a new personal portfolio site: http://falkencreative.com It's responsive (as in, layout will adjust to be optimized for different devices), and built with modern techniques in mind. It's a bit light on work samples, so long-term I'll want to add proper case studies with more information and testimonials as I have time.

  2. Approaching completion on a new portfolio website finally. It’s been a long time coming! Hope to launch in a early next month sometime.

  3. CodeKit and Sublime and Compass and Sass, and...

  4. Taking advantage of a cross country move to work on a new portfolio site. While I’m not driving, of course. =)

  5. I've been playing with https://habitrpg.com recently. Seems like an interesting approach to task management and motivation. Gamification FTW!

  6. I was bored, so I built this. It's a bit short on content, but it might be useful if you like journalling regularly? http://journal-prompt.com

  7. I've found Hunie to be a great resource for giving and getting design related critiques: http://hunie.co/

  8. Finished college, and diving into full time freelancing. Super busy!

    1. LesP


      hi Ben, hope you do well in your Web business

    2. LesP


      hi Ben, hope you do well in your Web business

    3. falkencreative


      It's keeping me busy. =)

  9. Just launched a new home page for killersitesuniversity.com

  10. Working my way through a course on Mobile Design. Definitely forces me to think differently about how a site's design changes width as the viewport and device change

  11. Wrapping up a new screencast series...

  12. I've run into some unexpected legal issues that have sorta turned my life upside down. I might be on here a bit less while that gets sorted out.

    1. Andrea


      Sending good thoughts wishing for a fast and happy ending. Good Luck!!!


  13. Working on another new screencast series.

  14. Just posted a blog post discussing my latest KillerSites course: PHP Shopping Cart with OOP, MVC and PayPal. http://www.killersites.com/community/index.php?/blog/5/entry-42-new-course-php-shopping-cart-with-mvc-oop-and-paypal/

  15. A new course covering building a MVC/OOP/PayPal based shopping cart is available to subscribers to the KillerSites Video Tutorial Library! A full announcement coming tomorrow.

  16. Wrapping up editing on a new KillerSites course, which will be available in the KillerSites Video Library as soon as I can get it completed.

  17. Thanks @khanahk! I appreciate it.

  18. Fun drinking game: watch any of my tutorials and drink every time I say the word "basically". ....I use it a lot.

  19. Working on a brand new KillerSites screencast series. Should be starting to record soon!

  20. Brushing up on my jQuery skills.

  21. Back from England. Busy catching up on everything I missed.

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