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  1. I would have to agree. I think until we see a lot of interest in a particular CMS, I am inclined to have only a Blogs/CMS forum. But, with the exception of Wordpress because of the videos we have on Wordpress .. with more coming out soon. Now, I am not sure about the following: - Tips and Tricks - HTML/CSS layouts ... Should these be separate forums or combined into one? I just want to make two general points about the forums: 1. You never want a dead/empty forum. 2. I have deleted dead and empty forums in the past. You have to move slowly when coming out with new forums.
  2. Hi, First, I moved this to the Javascript forum because this is all about Javascript. But it is also a little about Dreamweaver because you are using Dreamweaver generated Javascript code. - You have to call both functions in the same event-handler. An example of an even-handler is: onClick. An example of a function is: MM_showHideLayers('pic2','','show') So in your case, you would have: onClick="MM_showHideLayers('pic2','','show'); MM_showHideLayers('pic','','hide')" Now, did you notice the semicolon between the function names? ; T
  3. So true! It's amazing what only 6 years of work will do! Stefan
  4. Ahh ... I will grab something I just wrote in the admin board that will address this issue:
  5. For so many reasons: - faster - easier browsing - web tools .. Firefox is a browser that is really part of a web designers toolbox. That said, you still have to test websites out in IE since so many use it. Stefan
  6. Yea. I used to spend time cleaning this up too - I still do. It's a real pain in the butt. I guess most of the members (who are not moderators) don't see how we toil in the background, to keep the boards clean. Stefan
  7. Good information. IE will probably always be a pain. Stef
  8. I removed the signatures because they used to bother me in the old forum for two reasons: 1. They invited more spammers. 2. They cluttered the board's post. If people want to reach you directly, they can just click on your user name to get to your profile page. Stefan
  9. You don't want to start talking to yourself ... people might think you strange.
  10. Good idea. Just created it. I made it accessible to advanced members for now until we can work out the moderator details ... Sure. Just have to get around to it. Stefan
  11. If you are a web designer who realizes that learning PHP makes a lot of sense, but you've been having trouble learning. Well, just check out my beginners videos on PHP ... many a nerd have found them to be the answer: Beginners PHP videos Thanks, Stefan Mischook
  12. Hi, You can check out my podcast that teaches you how to start, structure and run a web design business: Business of Web Design Podcast.
  13. I moved you! This forum makes administration much easier .. so far.
  14. I put restraints on New Members from being able to email users or PM users. ... At least I think so! If you start getting spammed, let me know so I can tweak the settings. Stefan
  15. For those of you new to Expression Web 2, I wrote a quick review of its' features in the magazine. Expression Web 2 Review Stefan
  16. Yes I do. I am just considering the best structure. I might have a Wordpress forum since I am releasing new Wordpress tutorials and videos soon. But after that, should I have dedicated forums for popular blogs and CMS packages? My thinking now is probably not. ... Your thoughts?
  17. Susie, I just made you an advanced member ... now you can go crazy! Stefan
  18. Hi Susie, I think you are the very first to post!! BTW, what do you think of the new category arrangements? I am trying to make it more logical this time around. Stefan
  19. Check out the spam list: Telling us about your new product or service. Asking for a review of your obviously commercial website. Suggesting some commercial product or service ... even if it isn't yours. All spam post will be deleted as soon as possible and your account will be deleted. Heed well my warnings! Stefan
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