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  1. Email me at stefan at studioweb.com and I will send you access to the quizzing.
  2. The design is fine. This is more about refining the content and messaging on the site. Stef
  3. Use plugins. Never touch the core Wordpress codebase.
  4. Hi! If you just subscribed to the mentorship program with me, be sure to create a forum user account here, and send it to me via email. This way I can hook you up with the private community. Stef
  5. I believe PHP installed in my Linux distribution with Apache.
  6. Sometimes, when you hit the coding wall. Time to take a day off.
  7. Hi, I think I answered you via email. You have options, I would lean toward finishing the other courses.
  8. Hi, Just create blank pages and write out the code. The more code you write, the better you will be. Stef
  9. I don't know what that is! LOL!
  10. Email me. Stefan at studioweb.com
  11. Sorry for the long delay. Short answer is yes. ... Junior level, but yes.
  12. Rashad, If you are part of my mentoring group be sure to go to the private club there.
  13. Sure. Did you join the private mentoring club on the forum? If so, that is the best place to post. Let me know! Stef
  14. This is called internationalization ... there are different approaches. Long subject. But if it is simple site, having a sub domain is a viable option. I would treat these as product skus on the same site.
  15. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
  16. Ahh .. that is a generation 1 chapter review question that slipped through. Please ignore it. We are removing it for a bunch of reasons. Thanks for letting me know it was still there.
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