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  1. Hi! My own platform, which is used by schools around the world, is very popular for teaching students of all ages: https://school.studioweb.com/store/course/beginners_python_3 We have a homeschool option for parents who want to monitor their child's progress.
  2. I sent you an email with answers to your questions.
  3. This an old thread. These days, you should use HTML5. Beyond that, you can use whatever you like .. PHP. JS etc ... have no impact on SEO.
  4. Hi, When you buy a course, your account is created for you: https://school.studioweb.com/store Stef
  5. I just heard you say, let me translate this into non nerd english. LOL! Almost lost my lungs from laughing too hard.🤣

  6. Broke my fast with two slices of rhubarb pie ... now I am feeling it! 🤪

    1. Harry


      I take it that the pie wasn't sugar free.

    2. administrator


      Nope. But I survived. 

  7. IE11 is old. It is a security risk to use old browsers ... time to upgrade. Stef
  8. Hi, The project files are on the home pages (course overview page) ... of each course.
  9. I would suggest getting live hosting and installing WP there.
  10. This is specialized. But you should be able to find an opensource solution in node.
  11. That is a new bug. With a recent update, the processing got messed up on this question. Just move on for now. Stef
  12. You have a screenshot ... easier to decipher what you are asking.
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