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  1. Purchased not received

    Hi Ponty, There is sometimes a delay in processing the IWD package ... but we always get people going. Please check your spam box too, the email to unlock your courses might have got caught in there. Let me know! Stef
  2. Hi, Just send me a personal message or email me, I will send you credentials to the StudioWeb Python course. Stef
  3. Is Not BigInt Or VARCHAR (40) Not Big Enough To House sha1?

    You can try setting the mysql field to type VARCHAR ... make sure to give it enough characters to hold your string. Stef
  4. PHP first or JS

    Thanks for the letting me know. Glad to hear my courses are helping! Stef
  5. Hi, Yes. Send me an email and I can arrange for a special download for you. Thanks for being patient! Stef
  6. Music while coding

    Depends on the type of coding you are doing. If it is kinda repetitious mindless work, then music is cool. But if you are trying to figure out something out, then music would be distracting. Although, if it is lowkey music, then it probably wouldn't be. Stef
  7. PHP first or JS

    In the StudioWeb series of courses, I ordered it JS first simply because JS is clientside. For schools to teach JS, it is much easier for them since all the JS code runs in web browsers. As soon as you go PHP, they have more configurations to do ... so I put PHP after JS. Stefan
  8. Some study questions

    Hi! Here is your roadmap to Wordpress freelance work: Do the StudioWeb core language training: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL Do the Wordpress Themes course in the projects Do the CRUDE project course as well Start learning the Wordpress ecosystem ... know what the options are for the top themes, plugins, e-commerce options. My Business Battleplan course will help with the freelance/business end of things. You will be good to go. I assume you know the basics of Wordpress. Stef
  9. Well, the most obvious use of Java is for Android app development, since Java is the native language for that OS. That said, you would (in many situations) be better off developing mobile apps using the webstack, for the sake of having one codebase vs two. If you develop a mobile app, you will likely have to create it for both Android and iOS. And so if you write in Java for Android, you will have to write it again for iOS. Java is a great general purpose language and it has it's place. But with each project, you have to consider the pros and cons of the languages you can choose from, and that always goes beyond just tech considerations: Current code infrastructure Talent on hand Potential scale and integrations .... So it is hard for me to say, that Java is the choice for XYZ situation, where you evaluate the situation purely on a technology basis. Again, the above 3 points are just as valid considerations as the tech itself. Hope that makes sense. Stef
  10. PHP first or JS

    Hi, Not absolutely required you do the JavaScript first. It is up to you. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Stef
  11. Come on in! Have a coffee with Stef!

  12. The Issue of Net Neutrality

    One of the most important subjects of our time.
  13. Hi, I get this question often enough, so I made a video: