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  1. administrator

    web page repositioning

    I am not sure what the question is. Also, you are using really old code that should be avoided: font color attribute and the center tag specifically. Stef
  2. You could do it with some JavaScript DOM programming. Where you would use JS to insert tags and CSS in the page where you would want it. But you will need to under JavaScript DOM programming. It isn't that hard, and if you want to learn, my course package teaches that: https://shop.killervideostore.com/ Stef
  3. administrator

    Making Gif In Corel Draw

    Not as far as I know.
  4. administrator

    Merge PHP files and Password Protect

    Just use PHP session and if people are not in session, bump them from the pages you want to protect. Check out the simple login system in the project courses. Stef
  5. administrator

    Questions about the Python 3 Course Downloads

    Hi, Sometimes people have trouble downloading. Please email me directly and I will arrange a special download: stefan at killersites.com
  6. administrator

    Hello everybody.

    Glad to meet you! Stef
  7. administrator

    Strange message : "changeYourPassword lol"

    Hmmm .... send me an entire screenshot.
  8. administrator

    .php file won't open in browser?

    You have to type in the XAMPP local URL. So if you created an index.php page, it would be: http://localhost/index.php
  9. Hi, Just tell them what the cost is and reference the website. If they are in business, they must know they have to spend some money. They are not students eating ramen noodles. Sure. Just be up front ... tell them that you want to create a DO account to produce the work, so they can keep their server information private for now. At one point, the code you write will have to be uploaded to their account. That said, once you get to that point, you should have established some trust. Stef
  10. administrator

    No Video with Download

    Look in the PDF ... near the top. Stef
  11. administrator

    Basic PHP System: View, Edit, Add, Delete records with MySQLi

    It's a HTTP 500 error ... which means the whole web server went nuts. So, first thing is to strip all PHP from the page to get the page loading at least. Then step by step, add the PHP to see what breaks it. Stef
  12. administrator

    autocomplete/ sublime text

    Hi, You have to save the page as an .html document first. Then the auto completion will work. Stef
  13. administrator

    Basic PHP System: View, Edit, Add, Delete records with MySQLi

    Hi, Very few will want to go through your code to debug it. So please try to narrow it down - cut it up into chunks to isolate the error.
  14. administrator

    Help with kids website

    Hi, The easiest way to do this is to go back to old-school web design and HTML. Something called an image map.
  15. You're going to have to tell Woo what image to display based on the selection made in your form. This is something specific to Woo I am guessing . If you did it through raw code, you would need to use some JavaScript ... and perhaps CSS3 could allow you.