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  1. There are 2 right (wrong) answers

    Not sure what you are asking?
  2. Can't find the Quiz

    Hi, I will set you up with the Python quizzing in 10 minutes .... check your email. Stef
  3. event handlers part 2 consol.log error different to video

    .... Just glancing over your code, did you notice the missing single quote? onmouseover="sniffer(2nd p tag moused-over')" .. should be: onmouseover="sniffer('2nd p tag moused-over')"
  4. event handlers part 2 consol.log error different to video

    Have you tried comparing the source file with your code? Stef
  5. Studioweb New Curriculum For 2017

    Hi, Glad to hear you like the courses. I have no immediate plans for C++ ... but after we get StudioWeb 4 out, I will make a decision about my next subject. Thanks for picking up the courses! Stef
  6. PHP course on Ubuntu

    Cool. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. Glad you figured it out! Stef
  7. Beginners CSS 2015 chapter 4 lesson 5 question1

    Thanks for letting me know! Yes ... the cloud hosting company that is hosting the SW you are on, did something. Then the complaints started flooding in, and so I was made aware. It seems they fixed the problem.
  8. Beginners CSS 2015 chapter 4 lesson 5 question1

    Try now. I think it has been fixed.
  9. Beginners CSS 2015 chapter 4 lesson 5 question1

    Hi, We have a bug with StudioWeb just discovered 30 minutes ago. Please try again tomorrow night. Sorry for the hassles. Stef
  10. DAtabase

    Start with the SQL language and then database design.
  11. Basic Php System: View/edit/delete/add Records

    You are not filling in the function parameters properly. Stef
  12. How to insert Lorem within Sublime Text?

    You can create snippets. Stef
  13. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc.

    Yep. Yep again. There are 'engines' (programs) built into the web browsers that process the code.
  14. Getting Loggged often

    Hmm ... could be a browser thing. Give it time ... you might have to establish yourself as a member.
  15. Are all JS functions built in to the browser?