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  1. Hi, Group coaching sessions are help on Zoom every other Sunday at 1pm Sunday New York time. The link: https://www.killersites.com/community/index.php?/forum/94-live-zoom-meetings/ Thanks!
  2. Hi! Welcome to the program and the private forum. Please keep in mind: The only thing you should care about is what is in the private club ... the rest of the forum is in archive. To get email notifications from the forum, if you want to track conversations or for example, when a next zoom meeting is happening, be sure to whitelist in your email program the forum's email address: community@killersites.com gmail will block forum emails and there is nothing that can be done for now. If you have a non google email address, use that. Here is how I whitelisted the forum emails with gmail ... which routes emails sent to my studioweb.com email account: I will be posting more FAQs in this forum. Stef
  3. Hi. I think we resolved this. Right?
  4. Hi, Nothing comes to mind yet. But I appreciate the offer. Stef
  5. administrator


    The structure of your code is fine ... it seems by the error message. It your SQL query that needs to be worked on.
  6. Topic and color matching. So for example, a night club would likely have a totally different colour scheme than say a wedding site. Also, colours can go well together and clash. There are colour wheels you can use to find complementary colour sets. Stef
  7. If you build websites as I teach, there isn't much to do except for the copy in the site. These days, SEO is far more about web marketing than what was traditional SEO. Stef
  8. Because you will find many projects where elementor and any other builder will not have the features you need. Stef
  9. It would be in the earlier videos. Stef
  10. I would imagine so. I haven't built one in ages, but as long as the web application follows industry coding standards, you should be fine.
  11. That is expected. The default formatting in a p tag is to insert a line break. That, among many other details are taught in my book and my courses: https://school.studioweb.com/store/#courses Stef
  12. Couple of broad suggestions: Study the box model a little more. My book Web Design Start Here, breaks that down. Or just rebuild it using CSS Grid and Flexbox ... which are much easier to work with. Stef
  13. I teach directories (sub folders) in the HTML5 course.
  14. At a glance, this code seems right. S
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