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  1. Thanks for your reply, indeed after sorting out the code to refer to one source only I managed both scrips to work simultaneously. cheers! Agi
  2. Hi, I have recently added two jquery scripts into my personal website, in the process learning how it works. The first script was responsiveslides, which I managed to work in its most basic form. Then, I added a floating nav, but once this worked the slides stopped functioning. I have a hunch where the problem might be, maybe an issue of different jquery versions (I took the .js files from the wesbites offering this code), but as I am a beginner with jquery I would welcome some suggestions or help with this problem. I've attempted finding a solution by googling it, but found it hard to find a relevant site with information (maybe the noConflict() method, but again, this is as yet too advanced for me). The web page which demonstrates the conflict between the scripts is w ww.agnieszka mlicka.c om/dis play.html. All images (except of the banner) are slides that do not work, but the nav on the right floats nicely as it should. If it is better to attach the code, please let me know. Thanks in advance! Agi ps. apologies for any ugly code, I am in the process of transferring to HTML5 and tidying it all up
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