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  1. I'm a comic artist and I will be doing a site that in no way showcases my talents. Instead my 3 year old daughter, who draws like a... well a 3 year old, will supply the art for my stories. I expect it to be of no interest to anyone until she is in her teens and IF she is still drawing then (which will be up to her) she will have enough talent that the comic might start to be read. What I want is something that makes it easy for me and others to go back and see her evolution a decade later. I saw the way gocomics does it and that would work perfectly Like http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes allows you to go back to any date in the past and see what was put up and when. Also on there the little arrows and calendar and sharing stuff just sit under the comic and the comic is just a picture and the box shrinks and grows to match the size of the image. That's perfect. Does anyone know what they use or how I can get a simple way to do that. I should add that I KNOW NOTHING about web design and need something that is already together or a web host that has something that already does this, or AT MOST some sort of simple wordpress thing with a simple app that does this. Sorry for the caps, I felt the exaggeration was necessary or I imagined I would just get back, "just grab a javazipadoo and plug it into your wizziband api and code your css to match you yabadubadoo." Any ideas????
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