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  1. basically One of my Silent asking for these thing can some tell me what exactly he asking to me he say that after those thing(script) his site will get rank easily .
  2. Hello responsive it is not moreover a damand of present era only now days people use different gadgets to use internet earlier company need to have mobile version of site but now there are lot thing in market like tap let etc .responsive help to open site on their gadgets platform as par only . for these you need to make site resolution some changes which solve your client problem ok
  3. Hello dear as you are having educational website first you need to know that what audience who they will see your post you must know that thing like different source you are using link Google plus Facebook . link din etc one thing among them I would like to tell you that there is no use to post google plus for getting visit I thing use Google plus for only indexing you content like Google first give index to those post only may I Know which platform you use to post your content I am taking about like you post content on your site which link you share in groups or you use other platform to make a link of your content please tell me that I would to tell you here that please use slide share ,youtube etc it will help you get visit on you content sure and they will get rank also soon mean one arrow to sparrow
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