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  1. Ben, Thank you. That solved the issue. I pasted too much over
  2. Ben, Thanks for the response. I will begin working on this. I was surprised to see you working on the weekend anyway. Completely understand you have to be off at some point. I really like your video and I am learning fast. I will go back a vid or two and check against the final files.
  3. Ben, I am really stuck on this. It seems to me that this is a CSS issue I have been looking over that but can't seem to find the issue. I have placed the final files in and I still get the same problem. I hope you have time to look at this. Thanks in advance.
  4. The name of that file is: " header.php "
  5. Sorry, That should have been done. Hope that helps.
  6. I am doing the Wordpress From Scratch videos and have had good luck until Video 22. It seems my current post "Hello World" and footer "shadow" are rendering below the white background of the next three posts. I have used the "completed files" to see what I was doing wrong and I get the same issue. I have Googeled a bit but I don't think I'm using well targeted search terms for this problem. All my pictrues and everything less seems correct. I just can't get the current post to render under the title just prior to the next three posts. Here is a copy of the php file that is (I think) the pr
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