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  1. I like the idea of cloud-based hosting but ended up pulling the trigger on a dedicated hosting package at Bluehost. The price came in at just under $2k a year. Fingers crossed, time will tell if we made the right decision. Now comes the unpleasant job of moving over and configuring a half dozen domains with dozens of email accounts for each. Thank you all for your time and advice.
  2. Thanks for your input. Time to first byte and sporadic slow page loads have been the issue at GoDaddy. We're on a shared cloud server and that's probably the problem. I'm not terribly happy with GoDaddy and was looking for something faster and more reliable. We've looked at Rackspace - but they're probably the most expensive so far at about $500 per month. Bluehost, which is owned by the same company as Hostgator, was recommended to me a while back and seems promising at less than half the cost of Rackspace. I just haven't found anyone who has any personal experience with Bluehost. I'll have t
  3. The problem is that most reviews you find are for a company's cheapest hosting plan. For example, they may have a $2 or $3 a month basic hosting plan, so the reviews I find always seem to be for those inexpensive plans (which can tend to be slow and unreliable). I'm not interested in these reviews. I need to move a large client to a host with a fast, reliable, dedicated server. These plans can typically run anywhere from $150 to $500 per month. This is a serious move that will, no doubt, involve several hours of down time - which means my client could potentially lose thousands of dollars duri
  4. Thank you, Andrea, but I'm well aware of Google and how to use it. I had already read through dozens of mixed reviews and am also aware that some of them are fake (as often times happens with online "reviews") and were posted by people who have a vested interest in the success of their business. Apparently asking for some real world reviews by real people who have used this hosting service was too much to ask. If you feel my original post was inappropriate please feel free to delete it.
  5. Has anyone had any experience with Bluehost.com? I'm looking to switch over some hosting accounts from GoDaddy to something faster and more reliable. I'm considering Bluehost's Enhanced dedicated hosting and I was hoping someone who's had some experience with them might be able to let me know if they're happy with their service. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Stefan, I agree. I think it's good to go. Unfortunately, my client still uses IE7. The menu displays perfectly on IE8 and above. I told him he needs to upgrade his browser. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he takes my advice. Thanks for the input Eddie. I'll try your suggestions.
  7. So, I'm a total noob when it comes to CSS. I've been trying to convert an old school HTML site to a new site with CSS and fluid design. I started with a template and have the site set up pretty much how I'd like - except that I now find that my menu in the header doesn't display properly in IE7. The menu items stack instead of spreading out nice and even, horizontally. I attached two screenshots showing what it's looks like in just about all browsers and another showing what it looks like in IE7. I've been trying to find a solution but just can't seem to find it. I'm sure it's a simpl
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