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  1. This really depends on the client and what they are expecting, and partially on your usual web design process. My process usually follows something like this:


    -- Discussions with the client on the scope of the work, provide them with a proposal, then eventually a signed contract

    -- Discussions with the client on the content that will be included in the site, followed by the design phase, where I present them with design samples and we work together until they are satisfied

    -- After the design phase, I usually move into HTML/CSS/Javascript production of the mockups

    -- In most cases, I take those coded mockups and integrate them into a CMS (usually Wordpress)

    -- Once the main development is complete, I'll receive the content from the client, edit and format as necessary, then enter it into the site

    -- Once the site is ready to go, I'll work with the client to perform any edits and get their final approval, then launch the site


    At least in my process, the client usually provides the final content about midway through the project, once the design/development phases are basically complete, and I handle everything else.

    I thinking working with clients is faraway thing, first you should know how to create a professional website, because you need an impressive portfolio to impress your client. activeworker you can take dummy projects from the Internet and practice on them and get the guidance of your any web designer friend physically or online.

  2. Please can anybody tell me, how to add a Facebook like a button in a website. Like in many other websites which show messages that, for example: 120 people like it on Facebook (also shows pics of the people which liked the page) with another message "Like us of Facebook".

  3. I heard about new update called "Hummingbird". Does anyone know how it works? What is the target of this update?


    Here you will find all information about Hummingbird...



    For more news in SEO keep following searchengineland and moz.com.

  4. Talking about the difference between CSS and CSS3, Can anybody tell me please, how can I show that I am using CSS or CSS3. I mean in HTML <!DOCTYPE> is used to define the version. So, anything special to do before using CSS3?

  5. You may have noticed a “glowing” trend lately if you use Salesforce or Twitter. A lot of online forms now feature a distinct color border around text box fields in order to help make them stand out.

    Here is how you can add glow to your textboxes.

    .input:focus {

    -moz-box-shadow: 0 0 3px #8AB1F6; /*for early versions of firefox */

    -webkit-box-shadow: 0 0 3px #8AB1F6;

    box-shadow: 0 0 3px #8AB1F6;

    outline: #8AB1F6 solid 3px; /*for chrome compatability */

    border: 1px solid #8AB1F6;


  6. Thanks for the reply, I normally use Chrome browser because of inspect element facility, but have also installed Firefox. Please if you don't mind telling me another thing. If I am right, <!DOCTYPE html> is used to declare the version of HTML, then why a normal(means basic) HTML code runs without showing any error, even if we don't ad <!DOCTYPE> tag in the html file?

  7. 2. Do i need to somehow mention those search terms in a natural way throughout the sites page content? I know that your not supposed to add it in a way that makes it look forced etc.


    Yes, and of course, after recent Humming bird update, search quires in the content got more importance. I also suggest you to use your keywords in your meta description. And for state base ranking use business listings.

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