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  1. I have learned a lot and still learning from Killersite. And I have purchased great videos over the years from them as well.


    Now I am having problems developing a nice white background behind my web products. Each time I take a picture white a white background it still appears grey. I don't understand (yet) how use Photoshop, removing layers etc. So what I've done it ask someone to clean up my photo backgrounds. I have about 100 or more products.


    I will take the photo and send it to him, he then will clean up the gray background to a white background and sent them back to me in a png file. He is charging me 10.00 per photo. Does this amount seem right?


    Send me your opinions please. I really want to get my site up and running. Attached is an original picture I would like to convert to a white background.


    Thank You


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