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  1. Hi all, I'm pretty new to webdesign. I have completed a few websites of my own, mainly using Wordpress as a basis and going from there. I have hand coded a couple of basic websites as well and learnt a lot doing this. A friend of a friend of mine has come to me asking me to build him a website, he's happy to pay me, so yay, my first paid job! My problem however is that he will want to see what i plan to create before i create it. I work full time and have a couple of hours at most some nights to create the site, so its going to take me a while anyway. As my Photoshop skills need a lot of improvement I'm hesitant to take all the time to create a Photoshop mockup in case he doesn't like it. What other options are there to show a client what you plan to create without spending vast amounts of time on it? As you can see, this is my first time dealing with clients so any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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