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  1. I think you should make some rules for publisher about valid link or limited link. So publisher can just attache valid one or two links. After all document site like Issuu have a large database on various category. So changes are difficult. I thinks so.
  2. pxtoem is such a great site. Thanks for sharing KARLCX..
  3. If I don't want to accept that cookies, then what happens? Means I don't want to store cookies to my pc, then what should I do to remove it?
  4. I read css from csstutorial.net. Its really nice and well explained. Admin, Thank for sharing link.
  5. You can find on templatemonster.com also.
  6. You can find more from Google. Just write "high pr directory site list" and the result will be in front of you.
  7. I am habituate to use ctrl click. So I think people is habituate with ctlr-click or right click.
  8. I just listen about OpenCart till now. Thanks for sharing other CMS like Joomla and Magento..
  9. As coollew suggest, you can find like button code and new post code also.
  10. Chrome has language functionality, but it works like that if you use it in US, then it doesn't show the text in French language. But you can check text in google translate.
  11. You can search in Google. The query is "inurl:write for us "<topic name>" ". Your topic name should be related to your site. If you have web design site then you can write : inurl:write-for-us "web design". Google will show the results who have that page.
  12. It is best to download themes from themeforest or search other templates from Google. It gives professional look to your client's website with less efforts.
  13. As per recent trend, you must learn css. It makes your work easy if you want to use the same style sheet in multiple pages. You just design css page and call it in many pages. If you read any books and try codes manually, then I would like to suggest you w3schools.com. It has the great resource. It gives you online editor to try given codes or you can modify the codes and get the results also. After some practice, you wont have fear of css and you will enjoy your work..
  14. Steve7

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    Hello Shara! How are you? What you do now a days?
  15. Steve7

    New To Web Design

    Hello Pretty, there so many languages for web design. Which one you like to learn? I will suggest you w3schools.com. It has so many languages such as PHP, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and more. I hope you will like to learn online.
  16. As LSW say, choice is our what we want to do with external, internal and inline style sheets. But can I know what you want to explain by following : "10 repeated inline styles per page, 10 pages, 1000 repeat styles. Internal CSS, same style once per page, 10 repeat styles. 1 style defined in a external style sheet... 1 style for all 10 pages and all 1000 lines."
  17. Hey BoCRon, if that book is good enough to start and enhance your design experience, then can you share that book with me? I mean if you have an ebook then please attach here. I would like to read that.. Thanks...
  18. Is this code is for login form in php?
  19. I can suggest you colorburned and tutorialzine, both are best for web development resources. Just registered with them and get full access of their resources.
  20. Hi, as I am not able to post link, but you can find information of codex [dot] wordpress [dot] org [slash] theme-development. You can design from scratch and take guideline from blog [dot] spoongraphics [dot] co [dot] uk.
  21. Hi, jQuery is the best solution for that effect. For that you can go to Google and write "fade in effect template with jQuery" and you will get many results.
  22. Hi, If you want to design vector or any graphics then GIMP is the best solution which is available free. If you want to design raster then photoshop is best and If you want to design a website then dreamweaver is best.
  23. Hello, I have one more suggestion, if you like to know about it. Android is the good one and latest design platform launched by Google. I have used Eclipse as an editor to code.
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