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    Hi everyone my name is Colt. I've been a subscriber on Stef's Youtube channel(s) and an instagram follower. I just finished the interactive developer course and am currently working on Studioweb projects. After completing the course and completing some self study I would like to break out and start freelancing albeit it might not be ideal timing.
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    I believe we will have a huge boom after this.
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    You use client side validation for speed and server side validation for security. Sessions allow you to easily store values across many pages. A session is an array.
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    The layout is how you place elements in your web pages, and a template is like a reusable page that uses a specific layout. Templates can either come with the program or can be created by the user.
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    @TwoCats - Hello and welcome , i was also into action script and games development but as flash was discontinued first by apple and then by every one else every thing kind of collasped, i now want to start in web development, i was a member of one other forum and they do talk about knowing backend stuff as well, every one seems to agree that HTML+CSS+JavaScript and PHP/mySql is really very much in demand and everyone is raving about nodejs as well .... I am a subscriber to the IWD(interactive web developer course) I have completed the HTML course and about 30% of CSS course and i can say that it is a great course, stefan has chosen to call them introductory but believe me he goes very deep in to what he called "nerd" topics but not in a rush ... I will surely say for some one who has been there and done that , this will not be very difficult ... Wish you good luck which ever way you decide .... Amit
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    Depends on the editor.
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    I think they are generally useful.
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    Thanks Stef will do
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    Understandably, videos are a great way to connect with your audience. A site like YouTube, with over 30 million visitors a day, has great ranking power and that’s something to take advantage of. Assuredly, youtube is the 2nd most frequent queried search engine(after Google). So, by ranking your video on youtube you can easily convey your insights and ideologies in a way faster. But how to make your youtube video findable, right? Here are a few tricks and tips which would surely work for you: -The videos must be of high quality. -To rank YouTube videos, you first need to decide what keywords to go after. It’s not enough to just pick a random keyword. It must be relevant, searched for, and have low competition. -Share your videos on social media, Social media can be a powerful asset to bring in substantial outside traffic to YouTube videos. -Write a good description of the video, include your keyword into the first 156 symbols of the description. Your video description helps YouTube and Google understand the context of your video.
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    Good stuff. Enjoy the process!
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    Hello to all!!! Just started the mentor program and looking forward to learning some great information to help start my journey in coding!! Much success to everyone here!!!
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    I'm new to this forum and to the site as well. I found it when I purchased your Complete Freelancer and Complete Entrepreneur courses. I've been programming and have had a business for the past 20 years. I'm most interested in a marketing course, but always interested in programming courses because everyone can use a good refresher. My biggest issue facing my small company is finding new leads. To those who wonder if this is the right time to get into coding and technology, I would say that it's the BEST time to jump in with both feet. I'm also a network and security architect and have been through all the economy ups and downs and have never been affected. Having a GREAT skill-set and decent resume on LinkedIn will have your phone ringing and inbox busy with invitations to explore new opportunities. It's a hot market out there, especially for networking and can be 3 times more rewarding financially than most jobs. I'm not sure what the policy is for posting links to our websites, so I will not until I have a better understanding. Thanks for the GREAT video's.
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    Hi Everyone, Alex from Toronto just signed up for the Mentoring Program!
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    I'm new as well. As to your final comment about "it might not be ideal timing". Keep this in mind - 68% of the Fortune 500 companies were started in a depression or a recession.
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    Hi guys! Nice to meet you all and glad to join to your community 😁
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    Hi, I'd just like to ask few questions about choosing domain names: 1.) Does .com, .net, .org matter when choosing domain names? 2.) What the difference between Hyphenated domain names in non-hyphenated? 3.) Do you have to name your website like the name of your company? Thanks
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    Wow ... old post. Last argument does not need a semi-colon.
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    Re LESSON 1: Event Handlers - part 1 You have two sets of <script> on the same document, is there a reason for that or is it an error or are you allowed to do that? at 3 min mark (bottom of document) and then compare to 3.25 min (top of document) Update: problem solved. In lesson 6 there was additional code not visible in lesson 1
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    Hi John! A am new here, my name is Roman, working in front end development. How are you?
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    Hey there! I used to be very active on this site when I was a freelance web designer, although I've been working full time in HTML email for the last three years or so and my skills have gotten... rusty. (also I have no idea what my old account was so I had to start a new one...) I have an opportunity to apply internally for a role with more wide-spread design work, both graphical and web. My old portfolio site was just links out to site that I did, many of which no longer look like what I made or have disappeared. So I very quickly threw together a responsive gallery this morning that is meant to be extremely simple and to the point. Please take a look and give me your thoughts: http://bit.ly/1ggBxyA This isn't a request for a portfolio review, although if there is something on there that you think is just atrocious you could pipe up, I guess. It's my first responsive site so hopefully it all works the way it's supposed to. I want it to stand on its own and I left out any kind of wordy biography or "welcome to my website" verbiage. I also made it with an eye towards mobile devices, with gestural suggestions etc... Let me know if you think it works! (The resume is a dead link for now while I finish it up...) Thanks in advance!
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    hi stefan , i purchased your cours , i started getting familiar with python , just need access to practicing patform tnx for ur great videos
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    Hello. I recently got certified in responsive web design through free code camp. I am glad I found this community. Does anyone know a good site to upload my templates? Don't really care about selling them, just need a place to put them so I can showcase them. Thanks
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    Great Alex I appreciate you, @administrator please approve my account because my friend has suggested this site for getting best knowledgeable posts
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    Stefan! Thank you for the reply. I tried a few things suggested on forums but didn't work. Will look into the config option. Thank you. Joy
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    Hi Steph, Keep up the awesome content on YouTube! I am currently in a two-year Web and Software Developer program at my local community college learning things like HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, SQL, web server administration, etc., and I would like to become a freelance web developer with my wife who is a graphic designer. My question is, would it generally be better to use a CMS like WordPress in developing websites for small businesses, or would it be better for me to make the websites from scratch using something like PHP/Laravel?
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    Hi, Depends on the nature of the site. If it is a simple branding site, with a few little extra features here and there, then I would lean wordpress. If the customer site was more specialized, then Laravel would be the better choice. Sounds like a good partnership with your wife! Stef
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    Hope everyone is doing well. Good luck on your progress 😊
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    Hi I am new here and I love to joining technical communities and forums.
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    Oh ... that is a mistake. Just continue the course. I will have to get this updated. Thanks for catching this!
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    Hi there, I'm Mark Currently I'm freelancer, front-end developer and sociable nerd 😆 Also I'm keen on rafting and swimming Hope to find more acquaintances who are passionate about IT
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    Hi, I recently started the php videos and as stefan suggested to go inside the conf folder and search for display_errors and turn it on, i did it but was not able to see the errors on the page, i was surprised and kept repeating for some time, then when i searched for the word php.ini in phpinfo file i saw it showing a different path --- Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.3.8/conf/php.ini The file was actually inside the bin directory php directory and so on, so when i went inside there and changed it , it worked, just thought of sharing it as there are 2 locations where you find the php.ini and you need to search for it inside. the phpinfo() as to from where it is loading... Thanks Amit
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    Hey, thanks! I'd like to think I will be blasting a path through these forums, but I know while I'm still employed as a postman I gets very little time these days to pick up on what I left back in the days of table-based (steam powered) websites. LOL It's good to be back, Stef.
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    I completed the HTML course yesterday, it has showed it as complete and every thing is as it should be great course so far , thank you stefan ... Amit
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    Hello guys, Amit from india, joined the forum today after joining the web development course, hope to learn from you guys and share what little i know ...
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    Hello I am a 20something living in New York City, New York born in Italy. I am i love with anything related to IT, computers, UNIX systems, Multimedia edition, legacy brick mobile phones. I enjoying to learn languages (Italian,French,English,German etc..) and making research about their background.
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    Hi there, It is a really nice course, but i suggest to add CSS Grid and Flexbox as they are pretty important this days.
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    It seems to be a new update, <!DOCTYPE html> turns italic. I did test in browser, everything is fine. Thank you for your help! I'll try to troubleshoot and Google first if I have any issues. Your course is very easy to follow, great thanks!
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    Millions of people still use 123456 as their password https://www.techspot.com/news/79747-millions-people-use-123456-their-password.html
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    an update.. i've done this: #navigation ul li{ list-style-type: none; line-height: 200% and now it's working. in the very next video you explained this for another purpose but i haven't seen in till now. Thanks
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    Very Informative. I have been using bracket and just switched VS Code as a beginner. I dont know if VS COde is ideal for a beginner developer but it has good reviews.
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    I recently landed my first unpaid client, started working on their website… Yesterday, this client referred me to another client, who is going to pay, while I am still not finished with the first site. I have feelings of being in way "over my head", with a full time job, not new to programming but new to the web stack, etc., but I am learning as I go. I completed your foundation courses recently... HTML Template or From Scratch In order to save time I decided I did not want to start these sites from scratch so I chose an HTML5 template. At times I feel like it is getting in the way of what I want to do, because I don't know the template very well. For example, I modify an element and it misaligns an element next to it, its made me regret going with a HTML template. Couldn't get the header to look the way I wanted so I was forced to cut out the existing header and make my own using flex box. Is this typical of what you hear from developers using HTML templates? Is it a bad idea to learn a specific template well or should I be starting from scratch on my next gig, too late for this one…What do the pros do? SEO Considerations When Redesigning Websites Lastly, SEO. The client with an existing website came to me a few days ago really concerned over losing their current organic search rankings. Its really stressing me out because the firm makes a lot of money from it according to them. I want to keep or improve their rankings. I read I have to keep the site structure in tact, keep all of the pages, and keywords. Update the robots.txt file, is there other things I need to do so I don't mess up their rankings? Thanks, Edwin
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    Before posting I looked at w3schools found 4 same loops, I just thought there might be more, so for now I will conclude that's all the loops there is in JS.
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    Yes makes better sense now. I mistakenly thought Javascript was a functional programming language, thanks for clarifying.
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    I would love to try and help you out - however, I'm still not clear what exactly you want. I gather some posts on the website you provided the link for - but which posts? Where? What? Would applying a class to whichever parts you want highlighted do it? My mindreading skills unfortunately are not nearly as well developed as my sarcasm skills :-) --- However - aside from your background question, looking at your site briefly, I noticed all kinds of grammar and punctuation issues. You might want to get someone to look things over - stuff like that leaves a very unprofessional taste in one's mouth. Here's a short list of things I noticed: Logo on top usually takes on to the home page - yours is not a link On your landing page, under 'Get in touch' it says: We are based in [geolifycontent id="18283"]. The line height under Dedicated IT Australia is larger than the rest - looks mismatched. The big 'Though our 16 yrs of experience ....' probably should be 'ThRough our... and I'd spell out years and put a comma after experience. At the bottom "Bad SEO practices is missing a 'to' between lead and Google. On my browser (Chrome on PC) in the blue 'Our Offer' box, it cuts off the end of the word 'commitment' Good luck with things - looking forward for some more details from you, so we can help better.
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    Well remember Rule # 1 - When in doubt do whatever LSW tells you to do, he is the best thing since sliced bread. First a reply to: Why does that not surprise me? I have yet to deal with a class that actually teaches you good coding habits, by school taught the same mistakes. Simply ask yourself Why? Why would I want to repeat what I already have? <a href=”whatever” title=”Cause LSW says so”>Cause LSW says so</a> What possible argument can there be for repeating? As for the screen readers, yes... It will read out "Cause LSW says so Cause LSW says so". Now if that would not get redundant for vision impaired users on each and every one on each and every page. So for SunnyOne, you can see the issue with adding a title to every anchor. If you are still in the class, you should point this out to the instructor and the school needs to consider covering web accessibility issues. There is no requirement for titles, they are only to be used when they have value for the user. In the example above, is their other content than the Main Content or would not Content imply the main content? If there is another secondary content, it would likely be in side bar or sub-box in which I would still expect Content to be main content and something else would be Box content or side content etc. Of course the best thing in this case is simply to say what it is, rather than "Content", why not simply state "Main Content"? Now I assume this is just for example, but the question is what is keeping me from stating what I want to say? Can't I say it clearly so I do not need to explain it further? The issue I have with the forum comment you made is that people once again do not understand that there is no SEO vs Accessibility, they are the same thing. SEO is optimizing for a SE spider, a "machine" that records pages and contents. It is as blind as many disabled users. If you optimize a site for special needs users, especially the vision impaired, then at the same time you are optimizing for the blind machine you want to make life easy for. Just remember folks that you are building web sites for the user, the human. They have to be able to use it. No. 1 ranking is of no use of the user arrives and can't easily find what they want. People are the priority and not machines. But anything done to make the site easier to use for humans will make it better for the machines and up your ranking. So no, you should never use the title attribute unless it is NEEDED to better clarify a target that you cannot clarify in the actual anchor text. As a side note to it's cousin alt=" ", the alt attribute should always be present for every image, but left empty if just for decoration. This will indicate to the screen reader user that there is an image but it is of no importance. If you do not use the alt attribute the screen reader may (depends on age and user preference) read the name of the image "ksikodjsk.jpg" which is as irritating as anything. So always use the alt attribute, even when empty & at least use decent names for images so they get "image topLeftCorner JPG" rather than "image ksikodjsk jpg". The alt attribute is for passing along information the user cannot get visually. So "image LSW recieving the 'What a good guy' award from President Obama" instead of "image ksikodjsk jpg" or "image Bar chart showing 56% increase this year compared to 43% increase last year for this quarter" instead of "image ksikodjsk jpg" Both the alt and the title attributes are really simple to use once one considers what they are for and who they are for. Once again a spider will get more out of an alt attribute than an image file name, so accessibility for the impaired user is accessibility for the spider hence SEO. So to finish off my usual seminar length post: Titles. If you have an :image title" under (or wherever) the image that says "LSW recieving the 'What a good guy' award from President Obama", you do not need to use it in an alt attribute or the user will here "LSW recieving the 'What a good guy' award from President Obama image LSW recieving the 'What a good guy' award from President Obama." If your content is rather clear that I received and award from President Obama, you can cut the alt or image title back to "LSW recieves award". So I strayed a bit off, but only because title and alt are much the same and both can result in irritating repeats for screen reader users or repetitive tool tips. Understanding one helps understanding the other. Disclaimer: If you do not know me, this was with humor and not arrogance.
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    Ohhh I get tired of such "articles," they are usually so off it is not funny. (By the way we have a whole accessibility section covering all of this.) Just imagine accessibility being created for SEO and not for those users who actually need it to use web sites. And why push XHTML when IE does not even support it? Clearly the author has no idea of the difference of XHTML. It is more important to use the right MIME-TYPE, if you do not specify it as XHTML, then you are just serving up poorly written HTML. If you do specify it correctly as a XML language, IE will crash. So if you are serving XHTML as HTML then it is logical to write HTML. XHTML is useless until IE supports it correctly. First off it is not an "Alt Tag", a tag is between < >, the alt is between " " and therefore part of a tag making it an attribute. One can question reading an article where the author does not seem to know the difference. But maybe it was a typo. The alt attribute is required to be there yes, but it is not required to be filled out. If the image has actual important meaning, you fill out the text to explain it or to describe it to users without images, such as blind users. It is also useful for spyders, but it does not exist for SEO. If it is just decorative fluff or of no real importance to the content, you leave it empty so users know there is an image they are missing but it is of no importance. Simply wrong. Meta tags have little to do with accessibility, only SEO and finding the page. You can make web sites with no meta tags at all. Language HELPS to specify a language so you can rule out the site if you do not speak the language. A screen reader will already be set for a primary language and that is the sites it will likely visit. The language meta tag can help it possible switch to a different language, or you can use the language attribute to tell it the following text is a different language. Useful for quotes or maybe company names in a different language for instance. Description tags are generally only used by search engines as a description of the site content, however most search engines these days use the first part of the content for that. Meta tags have not been used by search engines for years as they were misused by those sites of questionable morals to lure people in. Something I can actually agree with. Just a but vague. Clear and logical navigation benefits all users, it benefits you as it is a benefit to the search spyder to quickly find the info a searcher would want. It however is a must for those with disabilities, especially cognitive disabilities like autism, ADHD or general concentration issues as well as using keyboards rather than a mouse. Once more shall we. There is only one "correct" DOCTYPE, Strict. Frames are out and Transitional is just that, transitional, meaning not permanent. It was meant as a temporary fix to help people move from one language to another, aka HTML 4.0 to HTML 4.1. It is not a requirement, just a good idea. It only makes a real difference to the validate program. The info in the doctype is already with the server along with the mimeType when you request it, before the web page loads. The only reason to have it in the header is to let a browser know what it is when it has been downloaded to a HD and has no contact with the server. The Doctype in an online page is of no use to the user or SEO, or accessibility. With the help of above mentioned questionable techniques, a person can easily tell that the author really has no bloody idea what he/she is on about, but hey, they have article with their name on it, whoopee.
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    Thank you everybody, Never mind I manage to fine the Airline and Hotel Reservations System. :cool:
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