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    Hello everybody! My name is Javier, I moved to the US in my 30's as many immigrants with no money, no english and no family, twenty years later I'm ready to start my new adventure, web development! I have no skills in coding (very basic). I know I will find a lot of knowledge in these forums. Since I was in high school I wanted to work with computers, but never have a chance until now, I love play the guitar and I have an obsession with dominate the Vim text editor (is a personal challenge). My goal is to became a full-stack developer I'm interested in learning HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Python, and some frameworks in the future. Thank you, and let's start it ! (well, I'm waiting for my e-mail to start the classes, I just bought it) 😊
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    Hey there jvr. I'm 50 myself and just getting started, so you're definitely not alone. Glad to know there are other late-bloomers here. Mark
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    I believe PHP installed in my Linux distribution with Apache.
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    welcome rashad
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    Hi Javier! I'm 52 and I've just started to make a serious effort to learn to code. I hope all is going well for you...
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