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    If you're using Linux you'll find out pretty fast that MAMP isn't an option. If you try to install the alternative, Ampps ( https://ampps.com/downloads ) and it doesn't work, as it didn't for me this week, try the page linked here. If you're a complete newb like me when you began here this page is excellent for it's clarity and succinctness, just take your time. https://io.bikegremlin.com/12127/lamp-stack-mint/ If you have a struggle with the path/link to localhost/php see the comments.
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    All sorted, too tired staring at it for too long.
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    Can I become a front end developer after completing Stef courses?
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    I was able to resolve my issue by having made a new working directory, since whatever it was making the errors appear was ousted upon a new instance. So first I removed the old file I was working in, which had this anomaly. Then when working in the new one, the error came back. Thanks to paying attention where Stef explains what the underscore does I was able to realize that whatever was being done was pointing to specific directory/files, depending on if you are working on it or not. So to fix it I re-ininitialized that pointed file so whatever is being done there is stuck there so then I could work without those errors telling me I'm wrong but then the code runs. So I had to fix this because if I deploy a PHP site and that could happen, then I would be very concerned if I were running a business. I was thinking maybe have a method that had a bucket that traps prototype pollution; not to say that all of those are bad, that's how social-media fetches data for ad-campaigns. The concern is the potential for malicious activity to hide in the mix, that could range out to anything. Given the nature of the cyber world, that is a rational concern to have, in my opinion. I do hope this helps anyone encountering the same and/or similar issue! Have a great day everyone!
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    An extension for Sublime Text 2 and 3! This allows you to insert Lorum ipsum into the text editor via a menu item. Select how much text you want from the menu item in Edit->Text->Lorem Ipsum or on the right click menu in Lorem Ipsum.
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    Python has reached the highest rating ever in the monthly Tiobe index of programming language popularity. On the current situation Tiobe noted, Python could leapfrog Java and C in the next three or four years to become the index's most-popular language in the world.
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    Managed to get server set up so issue resolved now.
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    Nobody drops the killer man... https://youtu.be/aktBeNMcuXU
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    If you drop the Killer...you need to return the frog!
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    python is valuable in a variety of different career not just as a programmer. Being a programmer is the most obvious way it can help you, but it's not the only way. If you want to become a software developer that utilizes Python developer and Research Analyst.
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    I've seen quite a few of Stef's Youtube videos and from what I can tell, they buy coffee.
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    This was a useful video I found a few weeks ago and I got a lot from it: 17 Sublime Text Shortcuts and Tips The text version he mentions is here: http://GitHub repository: https://github.com/michaelcheng429/17-sublime-text-tip PS: Let's call it 18 tips: 18] Removing a plugin from Sublime text 3: This afternoon I had to do just that and was almost demented until I found the answer below. It's mind-boggling how many people can't answer a simple question like "how can I remove a package from Sublime Text" without getting into a slavering fluster and unleashing lectures they've been waiting years to use. Excited puppies and trouser legs don't get a look in. Oh sorry, here's the answer: Go to package control by pressing Ctrl + Shift + p (or use the preferences tab on Sublime text-this shortcut doesn't work for me, that might be a Linux thing): type "remove package" then type the package/plugin name and enter to uninstall it.
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    Good SEO is simple these days: Build websites using modern techniques. I teach that in my web design and development courses, so you are covered there. The content in the sites, should contain a real distribution of keywords for the terms that people use to search. How a social presence that is topical and points back to your site. Use multi media with metadata that is tagged with keywords appropriate to the subject. Stef
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