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  1. Hello! My name is Brendan, friends often call me Brando. Am not to the community and wanted to introduce myself. I try to maintain Beginners Mind at all times. But I am not a coding beginner. I first learned to code when I was about 10 years old with Cobol, Pascal, BASIC. Fast forward, I do dotnet on the backend and Angular on the frontend. I am here to become better at the business side of coding. Pitching ideas, making proposals, managing clients, when to say "no" to a client or project, maybe developing some kind of SAS solution. Bringing peace and love to the world. Making some more of those delicious grreenbacks. Fact is, I love coding and want to do a better job at offering and executing solutions. Am always happy to help or chat with anyone into dotnet and/or Angular. Hit me up. Am getting into .net Maui for mobile app dev too.
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