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    I also tried this at first, and it was almost the same experience, most people don't know what they want, so I mainly use templates, show them, and change things up for them, its troubling when they yes too everything and trying to start from scratch, so by having a "menu" that I can serve to them on a silver platter made the whole processes much simpler. By that I mean, here are a few Menu - Home Page - Color Pallet Combinations, here are the most popular trending fonts, used in 2018 for clear visuals, and so on. Most people don't pay attention to small details at first but when its all put together, boom Although I have stopped offering this service, its something that I do believe worth doing, get to learn ALLOT just by trying to solve problems client have. keep it up! and don't give up
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    Most internet network cables are installed along the coasts. With rising sea levels, the placement of these cables needs to be moved if the internet is going to survive. https://cheddar.com/videos/the-internet-is-in-danger-of-drowning/
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    Hello guys,you can call me Dammy,am new here.Its good to have a place like this to call home.😎😎😎😎 Nerds up! Hope am welcome!
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    I actually got lucky. She got back to me. She just need to talk to her bosses and make sure everything was okay. So, I'm good. I definitely breathed a sigh of relief.
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    Breaking it up into smaller chunks as variables like that fixed it. Merci.
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    Hi woodse889, As Stefan mentioned, the answer really depends. If you are seeking to work for a major corporation, they usually require some kind of collegiate degree (maybe a 2 year degree...in the US, we call that an Associates degree) all the way up to a four year Bachelor's degree. However, that does not mean that YOU cannot begin making your own mobile applications and promoting them yourself. If you do that route, then the course of action you may follow is to create apps that generate a lot of interest by folks, who will give great feedback on the quality of your app and when you decide to apply for corporate jobs, although you may not have any college experience, you WILL have a portfolio of completed, working applications that have garnered some positive feedback. My strong suggestion is: whether you decide to seek a college degree or not, write code every day in the platform you enjoy...with or without a college degree, there is NO substitute to good coding experience. Hope this helps... Don