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  2. Procurement Web app

    PHP is the best programming language to develop web apps..
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  4. Wasn't too sure which forum to post this in, so I'll just drop this here. Some of you might think this silly, and maybe it is, but I find it useful. So maybe someone here will too. Backstory / Thought Process Behind The Idea In the real world we typically have different environments (rooms, or areas of rooms) for doing different things. An office, living room, dining room, kitchen, study, workshop, etc. I like this idea. Different spaces for different purposes. There's something about going into your workshop, or your office, and you know it's time to do that certain thing that you do in that room. The brain/body instantly just goes into the right mode without too much effort. Same thing with plunking yourself down on the sofa in the living room for some netflix. Time to chill. Or like that place that you usually take an afternoon nap. It's just easier to nap there because you're conditioned to relax and fall asleep in that spot. It would be cool to have something like that on the level of an operating system. Different digital environments that we could quickly open up (walk into the room), or fold away (leave and head to a different room). And without having to close everything down, put files away, close programs, or lose our place in the workflow every time we switched into a different mode/activity. There are 2 main benefits to this whole idea: Effortlessly being in the right mode for doing whatever you're doing, because you're mind/body are conditioned to the environment. Not having to put away, then re-setup everything every time you switch modes or activities The technology is not quite there on the OS front. (at least not that I'm aware of) In the mean time, we can do something along these lines by using "Web Browser Apps". Especially since so much of the stuff we do is online and in the cloud now. Web Browser Apps What's a web browser app? It's basically just my term for a seperate browser environment that you create for a specific use/purpose. It could be a task, project, type of work, or activity that you reguarly do. Chrome & Firefox both give you the ability to create multiple browser profiles. Each with their own bookmarks, plugins, cookies, program configurations, etc. Each profile is essentially its own completely seperate app. Example 1: I have a specific browser profile for my finances & banking. When I open it up, everything is already open and ready to go. I don't have to click any bookmarks or open any websites. All of the main sites that I use to do anything finance & banking related are open and ready to go instantly, with 1 click. My personal banking, business banking, paypal, credit card, freshbooks, financial tracking, book keeping. Everything is ready to go. Anything else is quickly accessible with 1 click from a not-too-over-crowded bookmarks bar. *security note: do not save your passwords in your browser if you do this with your finances and banking I use a local encrypted password database that is read by the browser. I unlock it with a single master pasword. Then as soon as my computer goes to sleep everything locks up, until I unlock it again the next day. Very handy. Example 2: I have a specific browser instance that I use only for casual browsing & entertainment. It's like being on my digital couch in my digital living room. It has all the right entertainment related bookmarks quickly accessible in the bookmarks bar, and the browser is configured just right for the purpose. Example 3: I have a specific browser profile that I use just for web development purposes. It has all the addons/extensions, bookmarks to different online tools quickly accessible, specific keyboard shortcuts etc. And no fluff/junk in the way. This approach also helps to keep me focused when I'm working. If the Browsing & Entertainment profile isn't open, then I'm not distracted and I'm effortlessly in focused work mode. Conversely if I open that browser, then I'm very aware that I'm nolonger focused and in work mode! I like to keep things clean and clearly separated like this. I find it useful. I also have separate browser environments for: Email & Communication Project Management Learning & Education Project Specific Profiles and quite a few more. Anyone else doing something like this? Or am I just a weird nerd? Either way, hope someone out there might find this useful. Cheers All. Tyler.
  5. I really like the new firefox so far. It seems much lighter and quicker than before, and more stable too. The overall design, logo, ui etc was really brought up a notch as well, which builds their perceived value/quality in the browser market. Really happy Firefox seems alive and well. Love chrome too but wouldn't want an all-chrome world!
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  7. I have been testing it with Mozilla's own tester, every test it runs quite a bit slower than Maxthon 5 and still slower than Chrome, although they claim differently. I am on Windows 7 at work. So it is possible work settings effect it and I know you are on Mac usually. So far no one has replied with their own tests on my post. I tested it again Monday with the same result. Maxthon had 67 actions in a minute, Chrome 52 I think and Quantum was still in the high 30's. Firefox Quantum review in Web Design News forum. One important note again folks, if you update to FF 57 (Quantum), it is a major update and one of those changes is that some of your extensions earlier marked with the yellow "Legacy" tag, have moved into their own section away from the usual place your find your apps. So if you check apps and some are missing, they just moved.
  8. Firefox just updated itself on my Mac and it is a nice improvement. It seems much faster and it has some nice convenience features. ... Worth checking out. Stef
  9. An opinion on programming drills

    In real world development, you will find that you will forget syntax all the time. Especially as you learn more and more languages, and work with more libs and frameworks. ... I am not joking when I say I have literally forgotten more than I can now remember - 9 programming languages later! As an example, I wrote Java web for years, created my own MVC framework and installed and managed 3 Java based servlet containers. If I were to sit down today to write Java, it would take me a few hours to get up to speed. Long answer coming to a close: no in real life and yes in academic circles. BUT!! If you apply for a robotics backend job, be sure you are up to speed there. If I were applying for a Java developer position with Spring, I would spend a week getting very familiar again. Stef
  10. Hi there ladies and gentlemen, recently I've made a programming drill for a robotics company (I'm a master student in robotics with a b.s. in cs). For the last 3 years optimization for me were always related to data transfer, efficient computation (using threads or CUDA) and creating algorithms that would take advantage of the problem structure (meaning mainly seeing if matrices are sparse or not). Then the drill suddenly came with how to manage strings (split, turn to a numeric value, etc), vector sorting, different containers usage, using stl stuff. The last time I used these was in 2014 and I took literally one hour to remember how they worked and also had to spend time looking into documentation to get the code done because: one, the test web drill environment didn't have autocomplete for methods inside an object; two, I didn't know the methods complexity by heart. I had 4 exercises for 6 hours, made 3 meeting the requirements and I left in black, the pseudocode I wrote in a paper in a matter of 20 minutes for each exercise but what took me time was the writing of the correct syntax. The question is, should I really have to know from heart and be evaluated for this kind of stuff if the position I've applied for is for robotics backend development?
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  12. Web Designer is rather just the default standardized accepted term. Personally I always preferred "Web Developer". Web Designer was traditionally a matter of "Look & Feel" and structure. Put these days, and back 10 years, it began including some programming, now more programming, Content Management systems, multi-platform, sometimes Logos and branding, administration, even data base work in some cases. Lastly, my two soapbox areas, web accessibility and cyber security. We owe it to our customers to ensure all their customers and their own data etc. is both safe from attack and accessible to those with any number of disabilities. Web design was back when a designer designed a web site and passed it to a coder to "Make it so Number One". But for freelancers and now most big organizations that is not the case, the name just hung around like Internet Explorer. Web Developer is a better term I think, we are developing it from scratch.
  13. Google Collects Android Location Data Even When Location Service Is Disabled https://thehackernews.com/2017/11/android-location-tracking.html I am highlighting this article on the grounds that is raises a few points and if you use the iPhone you should not ignore it. This is an issue with every mobile device, not just Android. It is how phones work and why they use triangulation in police shows on TV. That is how the system works. Your device connects to the nearest and most powerful tower in the area. As you move from Grid A, the signal gets weaker and the device searches for the next closest tower, that may be Grid B. So you can be easily tracked by looking at what towers your phone connects to and a path will then show, it will show where you are or where you spend time etc. Law Enforcement uses this technique all the time. This particular article is about Google collecting that data (which they claim they are ending by the end of the year). This more about them collecting the data and what they do with it. Remember that Google is a for profit organization. Services is how they make their profit and they consider selling your data as part of that service to their advertisers. That is why a lot of the advertisements you see are what your interested in. Google Chrome is also the most popular browser and makes your life so easy signing on to things because they are collecting your data or data on you and selling it. You are not their customers, your are their commodity and advertisers etc. are their customers. So if you use iPhone, OnePlus, Android or Windows phones... You can be and will be tracked, that if how your phone works, so don't think this is "Just an Android issue". As an Android user, I cringe at this article, but I accept that that is the way it is and is no different than when I used an early iPhone. One last question: What does your service provider do with that data? AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and co. It is there towers you are connecting to, do you know what they do with that data from those towers?
  14. What is a "Web Designer" in 2018?

    Good post Tyler.
  15. Hey Web Designers, What does the label "web designer" even mean to you as we head into 2018? Would you consider yourself primarly as: a visual designer focused on presentation & how things look? or maybe a UX designer? overall web strategy designer? online marketer? business consultant? general creator and builder of all things "web"? The further I progress in my own journey, the more all-encompassing I consider this term to be. Some declare "Web Design Is Dead", but I'm excited about this field and the future it holds. The Key, IMO, is to expand our definition of what it means to be a "Web Designer". Because web design is nolonger just web design. It's now Designing for the Web in the fullest sense. It's seeing the web as a comprehensive environment/reality, and being aware of every ingredient that goes into it, from A to Z, and how each piece can fit together to achieve a specific purpose or goal. When designing and building a site for a client, are you simply putting that final layer on top of ALL THE OTHER STUFF that sits underneath? Or are you going deeper and working directly with the content, sales copy, marketing strategy, higher level business strategy etc? How important are you to the growth & success of your client's business? I believe that if we want to survive and thrive in the coming years, we must see ourselves as serious Web Professionals (as Stef has mentioned), and position ourselves to be on equal footing with our clients as trusted business advisors / consultants. How do you see yourself as a web designer right at this moment? Are you planning to expand your scope of work and your definition of what it means to be a "Web Designer"? I'm really curious to see how others view themselves, their role in projects, and their ultimate value to the client. Cheers All. Tyler.
  16. Firefox Quantum

    No, Fresh install of Quantom after deleting all profiles and firefox stuff and it is still slower than Maxthon 5 and Chrome. Anyone having a different outcome?
  17. Current Threats

    Bluetooth Hack Affects 20 Million Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices https://thehackernews.com/2017/11/amazon-alexa-hacking-bluetooth.html
  18. Current Threats

    17-Year-Old MS Office Flaw Lets Hackers Install Malware Without User Interaction https://thehackernews.com/2017/11/microsoft-office-rce-exploit.html
  19. Firefox Quantum

    OK, Update. I did install "It" and it is really just the next version of firefox, not a seperate browser as I had understood. So when you update from FF 56 to FF 57, you will have Quantum. There are some new things right off the bat: Book marks and Pocket are not in the address bar If you are missing add-ons, there is now a seperate page for "Legacy Add-ons" where you will find them, it is just an addition on the add-ons page. If you red the announcement I posted, there is a link to a speed test from Mozilla: https://mozilla.github.io/arewefastyet-speedometer/2.0/ In my testing, in all three tests I ran. Maxthon 5 Cloud Browser was the fastest, followed by Chrome and then Firefox Quantum. That said, as it is an upgrade there may be legacy crap slowing it down. I may just remove firefox and reinstall quantum and run the tests again.
  20. Firefox Quantum

    If you are not aware, Mozilla has released a new browser called Quantum on the 15th or 16th of Nov. 2017. I was not online yesterday, so just saw it today. Anyone use it yet, any thoughts, etc. anyone would like to share. I just downloaded it at work but nhot sure when I will get to work on it. Firefox Quantum
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  22. New premium business forum to launch soon

    The entrepreneur forum is now up, and the first of the video and audio lessons should be up by the end of this week: Friday 17th November. Stef
  23. Come on in! Have a coffee with Stef!

    LOL! Hazelnut.
  24. Come on in! Have a coffee with Stef!

    You look like a latte man.
  25. Rebuilding a website.

    When doing a site refresh we do something like this: Audit Existing Site 1) Audit current sitemap & site architecture (urls, links, titles etc) to be sure we don't create any dead end links or stupidly remove any high performing pages, or that we redirect things appropriately (although we try to keep existing structure in place as much as possible to keep external bookmarks or links flowing in and maintain continuity of seo performance). 2) Audit the current website copy (WORDS are a huge part of web design which many new designers tend to overlook). Collect all the website copy together into buckets, or at least get a solid idea of what is where, so you can quickly analyze it and re-arrange, delete, or plan for new copy as needed. Strategize New Site 3) Strategize the new site design (if you're working with clients you need to do this based on client's business goals). Build a new sitemap, figure out what the function of each page is, what copy we will need (look at the old copy and decide what to scrap and what to keep, and what new copy we need), figure out what additional assets we might need as far as photography, videos, or technology we might need, plan out any advanced functionality, conversion funnels, etc. etc. Basically we create a blueprint of the new site and everythign we plan to do, while looking back at the old site and deciding what to keep and what to throw in the trash bin. 4) Create and/or gather all of the stuff we need to build the new site. Ie giving the client homework to create the copy we need, getting photography done, etc. 5) Finally the fun part. Design & Build the site. *** Careful if you are messing with DNS & Hosting setup. You gotta know what you are doing here or you can mess up email systems and other behind the scenes tech. Good luck man!
  26. Looking at upwork....I need to hurry up and get my web development skills up. lol

  27. Cybersecurity News

    OnePlus Vulnerabilities Another Shady App Found Pre-Installed on OnePlus Phones that Collects System Logs [11/16/2017] OnePlus Left A Backdoor That Allows Root Access Without Unlocking Bootloader [11/14/2017] OnePlus Secretly Collects Way More Data Than It Should - Here’s How to Disable It [11/14/2017]
  28. "Cybersecurity" It is under the Miscellaneus catagory. I also moved this post into the open forum as a better fit than announcements.
  29. What is the name of the cybersecurity forum?
  30. Rebuilding a website.

    Sounds good. Wordpress is ever present. Congratulations! Stef
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