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  2. Toni

    Book Recommendation

    Hey, I'm just looking for Book Recommendations, for Javascript mainly. During Stef's course, Javascript was the one that caused most of my confusions. So if you have read a Javascript Book, that you found pretty useful, let me know. I saw some on Amazon alredy but just want to be sure before buying something, to hear what people think about it over here. I have read Stef's book but as he says, he teaches Fundamentals. At the end it all made sense, but it's time to dig deeper and learn more. Cheers and thanks.
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  4. Toni

    How Secure are our Passwords

    I am definetly changing my password to something longer now. Thanks for the post, Cheers
  5. LSW

    How Secure are our Passwords

    Gibson Research offers a online test for your passwords. Type in something, your passwords or something close to them and check to see just how long it will take to be cracked: Gibson Research Corporation: https://www.grc.com/haystack.htm u@4azE2s : From professional hackers to Nation states - 1.12 min. to 18.64 hours A long passphrase is more memorable and takes longer to crack than a complicated password. World of Tanks: A game I like and could remember easily. A Nation state with lots of PC power - 3.31 thousand centuries to guess until it found it.
  6. LSW

    How Secure are our Passwords

    The Real Rules for Strong Computer Passwords Go Against Everything You've Been Told https://curiosity.com/topics/the-real-rules-for-strong-computer-passwords-go-against-everything-youve-been-told-curiosity
  7. LSW

    Let’s discuss Windows 10

    This is really nice news! New APIs Suggest WPA3 Wi-Fi Security Support Coming Soon to Windows 10 https://thehackernews.com/2018/11/windows-10-wpa3-wifi-security.html
  8. LSW

    The Issue of Net Neutrality

    SCOTUS Says Net Neutrality Won’t Get Its Day in Court https://www.meritalk.com/articles/scotus-says-net-neutrality-wont-get-its-day-in-court/
  9. LSW

    Cybersecurity News

    Smart Assistants (Alexa, Siri, Cortana etc.) I decided to make this their own section though they can easily belong to Internet of Things (IoT). The more you connect to the internet the more chance of being hacked. At least run two networks, one for IoT like TVs, and these smart speakers etc., and a separate one for your computers. It is also a privacy question Amazon Don't Buy Anyone an Echo [11/15/2018] Your Worst Alexa Nightmares Are Coming True [11/15/2018] Amazon Echo That Records Kids Draws Concern From U.S. Lawmakers [11/15/2018] Yes, Your Amazon Echo Is an Ad Machine [11/15/2018] Amazon Confirms Alexa Heard a Couple's Background Conversation as a Command to Record Them [11/15/2018]
  10. LSW

    Current Threats

    Popular AMP Plugin for WordPress Patches Critical Flaw – Update Now https://thehackernews.com/2018/11/amp-plugin-for-WordPress.html
  11. LSW

    Patch Tuesday Updates (Windows)

    63 New Flaws (Including 0-Days) Windows Users Need to Patch Now https://thehackernews.com/2018/11/microsoft-patch-tuesday-updates.html
  12. RicDaleRey

    No Video with Download

    Oh, so sorry for wasting your time. I'm being a dummy. Thanks. 😅
  13. administrator

    No Video with Download

    Look in the PDF ... near the top. Stef
  14. Howdy. I just downloaded the Complete Freelancer course. The audio files and PDF show, but I see no video. How do I go about watching the videos? Thanks in advance.
  15. Python is becoming the world’s most popular coding language https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2018/07/26/python-is-becoming-the-worlds-most-popular-coding-language 😶... 😐... ☺️... Interesting comparison for sure. This link comes from Nathan House of StationX who brought it up in his blog who goes on to explain the use of Python in the hacking community: The World’s Most Popular Coding Language? Reasons to Get to Grips with Python… https://www.stationx.net/the-worlds-most-popular-coding-language-reasons-to-get-to-grips-with-python/
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  17. Why Do All Websites Look the Same? https://medium.com/s/story/on-the-visual-weariness-of-the-web-8af1c969ce73
  18. Brian

    PHP Login Project Problems

    Hey guys, I followed the instructions in the PHP course for advanced php>login system. However, I'm getting errors. I even downloaded the source files and copy and pasted them into my text editor and I'm still getting the following errors. Notice: Undefined index: isBlock in /Users/brian.smith/valet/blog5/elProjecto/index.php on line 71Notice: Undefined index: badUserCredentials in /Users/brian.smith/valet/blog5/elProjecto/index.php on line 72 One difference is my file names, for example, I named my login.php file index.php. I changed them accordingly in the files. Another is I didn't use WAMMP/MAMMP? I have Laravel and Valet installed so I created a field called elProjecto and ran the command "valet link" in the command line. The functionality works fine, but the errors are displayed on the front page. Any advice? Thanks!
  19. Google launches reCAPTCHA v3 that detects bad traffic without user interaction https://www.zdnet.com/article/google-launches-recaptcha-v3-that-detects-bad-traffic-without-user-interaction/
  20. nODZ

    Can anyone explain this to me ?

    okay I see what I did wrong, so it's the width that he is looking,(i thought total) !so 300 + 10 padding on left and right = 320, so we add the margin of 40px to left and right (total 80px). 320+80=400width tnx for reply btw
  21. Andrea

    Can anyone explain this to me ?

    ...also, even if you needed to include tja padding, you would only consider the right and left, not top and bottom. And I jut see the answer should be 40..... why is that? (It’s been a while for me, what am I overlooking?)
  22. Andrea

    Can anyone explain this to me ?

    The pudding is inside the width, so you would add a right and left margin of 50px each.
  23. nODZ

    Can anyone explain this to me ?

    So i'm doing stef's css course right now , and i love it , but there is one question that makes no sense to me. In chapter 4 The Box Model , lesson 7 calculate width / question 3 there is a question that goes like this : Please update the margin on this div , so that it will fit into 400px. the code is <div style="width: 300px; padding: 10px; border: 0px; margin:">. So on margin i added 15px , the way i see it width is 300px + padding 40 (10x4) so i thought we need 60px (4x15) to make it 400px , but the answer says 40px is the correct answer , dont get why?
  24. LSW

    What Is Seo?

    Don't we have all the buzz words down on that last one. Locking the thread. it IS 5 YEARS old, I think it has been answered often enough.
  25. onebasemedia

    What Is Seo?

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to our website through organic search engines. It has various benefits like improves brand awareness, cost-effectiveness, increased site usability etc. So it makes it an important factor for any business.
  26. Windows Built-in Antivirus Gets Secure Sandbox Mode – Turn It ON https://thehackernews.com/2018/10/windows-defender-antivirus-sandbox.html
  27. Toni

    autocomplete/ sublime text

    Hello, try opening folder/files from Sublime Text. Maybe you did not add Sublime Text as a File Manager, that could be a reason you don't see the option. Cheers
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