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  4. Pegglind83

    Writing help

    Thanks for the info
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  8. It helps you to generate traffic but you have to increase your karma first and minimum karma to create a community of Reddit is 25. For that, you have engaged with peoples through answering their questions and through post sharing on Reddit.
  9. JonhG

    Writing help

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  10. Perhaps. But nobody wants to use Bitcoin to buy anything ... its' value fluctuates too much.
  11. nshep

    Your favorite book?

    I am currently reading Ilium by Dan Simmons.
  12. Will bitcoin be acceptable in webhosting market?
  13. Domagoj


    Hello, i know that iwd tutorials are few years old but im going through them now and in build cms tutorial i can't get colorbox to work. When i press login nothing happens. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo APP_RESOURCES;?>css/fp_style.css" media="screen"/> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript">$.noConflict();</script> <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo APP_RESOURCES;?>javascript/colorbox/colorbox.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo APP_RESOURCES;?>javascript/colorbox/colorbox.css" media="screen"/> <script type="text/javascript"> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $.colorbox({ transition:'fade', initialWidth:'50px', initialHeight:'50px', scrolling:false, opacity:.6, href:'<?php echo SITE_PATH; ?>app/login.php' }); }); </script> I don't get any errors just redirected to http://localhost/CMS/?Login
  14. Jodess

    Your favorite book?

    I love 1984 Orwell books and Animal Farm. Recently he wrote an essay in free form on these novels in which he showed the essence of a totalitarian state through the artistic disclosure of the characters by the author. Wrote before an essay on euthanasia, which I don’t know much about, so I collaborated with the service https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/euthanasia/, which really helped with materials, literature and generally cool ideas.
  15. JamesBurns

    Wordpress or Static HTML Sites?

    WordPress gives you access to all the code on your site, while a static HTML website will make it easier for you to input certain types of markup. Instead of needing to deal with theme template files and WordPress loops, everything is right in front of you.
  16. Pegglind83

    What's the latest and greatest in free HTML Editors?

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  17. Hi, I am pretty new to HTML , javascript, jquery and Adobe captivate. I have to use captivate at work to build my e-learning courses. Captivate does not have drop down lists, so I have a stack developer application that overlays a Captivate text caption element with a "select" drop down element. It works to a point. The captivate slide opens with the "select" drop down covering the text caption element. However, when I resize the browser, all Captivate elements change with the browser, but the "select" drop down remains in the same location. I need it to follow the text caption element. So, I opened a debugger and see that the DIV section where the text caption is located is in a DIV section created by Captivate, where the DIV section for the "select" drop down element is in a separate DIV section all together If I understand HTML correctly, the problem is the "select" drop down element is NOT in the same blocks/frame as the text caption, so it does not move with the browser. So my question is, how do I get that "select" drop down element to either over write the text caption element or how do I get (trick) the HTML to get the "select" drop down DIV to size with the DIV of the text caption element?
  18. administrator

    I don't have access to the videos

    Hi, Send me an email directly at stefan at studioweb.com and I will take care of it. The activation email must have got lost in your spam box. Thanks for being so patient. Stef
  19. Hi Stefan! I don't have access to the videos of IWD package 34. I send you two emails until today. What happend? I made this purchase since september 2019 and I can't access the videos because my email is not registered in the portal What can I do?
  20. You as a teacher have purchased an educational software for use in your class. Your colleague who is teaching the same subject borrows the purchased software and later installs the software in her own computer without your knowledge. You are aware that what she did was against the law. What will you do with this situation? -Anonymous-
  21. Joy


    Stefan! Thank you for the reply. I tried a few things suggested on forums but didn't work. Will look into the config option. Thank you. Joy
  22. administrator


    Hi, I would Google that question ... if I recall there is some config file in Sublime to fix this.
  23. Hi everyone! I just started this course and am learning how to use Sublime Text and streamline it to my liking. I've been trying to change the comments text from the practically invisible grey to something more obvious. I've tried going into page resource viewer and changing the comments color directly but it's not working. I haven't bought the app yet, is that why i can't make the change?
  24. Piotr

    Python course Ch 4 - flow control

    i'm using PyCharm, in such cases i have red underline and code would not run properly. I replaced tabs with 4 spaces, but it did not help at all. if answer == ("y" or "yes"): display_lesson() I have replaced "y" with "yes" so answer is True only for "y" because for "yes" it going to else statement. It looks my IDE does not consider "or". PS. i was fooling around and changed or to and. In that case for answer is True for "yes". Anyhow ill back to version without parentheses, just was curious what is going on in background. Piotr
  25. alexlaxton

    Rebuilding a website.

    To get a full redesign of a website just visit this blog Website redesign guide, here you will find a solution for any type of query you have, to make latest design you have to learn new Designing methods as well as the latest Graphic Technologies also.
  26. administrator

    Python course Ch 4 - flow control

    Looks like a line-break issue ... or indentation. Be sure the IF the block is properly indented. Stef
  27. Hello, I'm following video, and for some reason IF statement doesn't work properly: def flow_control(): answer = input("Do you want to learn about multiline text strings? (yes or no)") #if answer == "yes" or answer == "y": if answer == ("yes" or "y"): display_lesson() else: use_time() print("End program") Commented out IF statement works perfectly well, but 2nd one work only for "yes". How can i make it work?
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