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  2. I added a column to my database with SQL as follows: ALTER TABLE comment_table ADD date_col Datetime NOT NULL; I try to insert into the database with the following PHP but nothing gets inserted. if(isset($_POST["submit"])) { $date_col = "test";//this will be DateTime later $name = $_POST["name"]; mysqli_query($connection, "INSERT INTO comment_table (name, date_col) VALUES ('$name', '$date_col')"); } $comsql = "SELECT * FROM comment_table"; $comres = mysqli_query($connection, $comsql); while($comr = mysqli_fetch_assoc($comres)){ ?> <div class="row"> <p>Name: <strong><?php echo $comr['name']; ?></strong>This is the code that is being pointed to as undefined index. <?php echo $comr['date_col']; ?> </p> <?php } ?> </div> The data I'm using for the date_col column is varchar and it should be Datetime but I don't know if that's the reason for the error. I would like to set $date_col equal to a Datetime expression for testing purposes but the formatting I chose wasn't working either.
  3. alexlaxton

    Virtual Reality and AR

    @administrator I appreciate your answer because most of MNC's are using AI and VR. Well, hope to hear from you soon.
  4. alexlaxton

    How much do we need to know?

    The article must have all clearance for limited character and for its product features, so you can also make some type of Article and publish wherever you want.
  5. alexlaxton

    Facebook interactive posts

    Ohhh sure you will get Excellent social media executive, just you have to post your Requirement's and Pricing on Freelancing site's like, Freelancer, Fiver, Upwork,etc
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  7. alexlaxton

    Searching for B2C Subject lines?

    Here we have some of List where you can get many types of Holiday Email Subject lines such as B2B, B2C, None-Profit subject lines, etc. So here are some samples for B2C holiday email subject lines. Rip Curl: 5 reasons you need a SearchGPS this Xmas Freshbooks: Deliver Some Cheer this Holiday Season Food & Wine: 27 Recipes for a Holiday Cocktail Bash Joss & Main: Jingle Belles: Gifts for her, best-selling bedding & more on sale today Dot & Bo: Ring In The New Year – Plus: 12 Days of Christmas Gifting Starts Now Kate Spade: Last day! 30% off everything with our Cyber Monday sale Emergency Essentials: Black Friday Sale! Check Back Tomorrow To View the Deals! Steve Madden: Cyber Tuesday – 50% Off Clearance! Sports Authority: Hurry, Only Hours Left for Cyber Monday Savings! BevMo!: $20 Coupon! Save Big on Cyber Monday. Seafolly: All she wants for Christmas is S E A F O L L Y Birchbox: Free Boxes. Ohh Yeah. Skechers: Get BLACK FRIDAY savings all weekend at Skechers.com! Steve Madden: If You Open One Email This Black Friday… Finish Line: Black Friday Doorbusters END TODAY. Snag ’em before it slams shut. San Diego Chargers: Share the Joy, Bring a Toy To The Chargers Game J. Crew: It’s OK to have seconds (or thirds) of this sale Provisions by Food52: Gifting Made Easy: Free Shipping + Discounted Gift Cards + Our Best Picks Finish Line: Black Friday Doorbusters start now. Put down the drumstick. Vacationist: Gobble Up These Deals! Resource: https://www.campaignmonitor.com/
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  9. Pegglind83

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, I'm Alex
  10. alexlaxton

    What we consider spam.

    When other's link is to be Published on our site and they paste as it is, it is called Spamming. and when someone's content is published on our siteas it is called Plagiarism.
  11. alexlaxton

    Font Background Color in Wordpress?

    Yeah great, I agree with your Explanation.
  12. alexlaxton

    Struggle ... Success

    Ohh nice, Congratulations on Completing Javascript for Beginners.👍
  13. Yeah, we heard that news from Androidcentral, Google revealed that its next version of Android is Android 9 Pie. Along with the name change, the number is also slightly different. Rather than following the trend of 7.0, 8.0, etc., Pie is referred to as 9. Android Pie OS that will still be in beta for a while longer. If you missed the announcement on this back at I/O, it's Google's initiative around limiting the amount of time you spend mindlessly scrolling on your phone. Pie Features are like listed below: 1. New Gesture Navigation. Android has used a standard three-button navigation bar at the bottom of the screen for ages. 2. Adaptive Battery and Brightness. 3. App Actions. 4. Slices. 5. Improved Security Features. 6. Digital Wellbeing. 7. New Accessibility Menu. 8. New Screenshot Shortcut.
  14. Hello, Halloween is coming up on Next Month, searching for Best holiday email marketing subject lines to send wishes for Halloween to my Family, Friends, and Colleagues. I found this Holiday Email Subject lines for buying. Can anyone suggest me is it good to Buy or Not?
  15. nshep

    LMS-Type Website Development

    If you are willing to go the WordPress route, there are a number of LMS plugins for these purposes.
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  17. administrator

    MySQL PHPMyAdmin

    Hi, Just download any of these, and install them. Or, if you have PHP hosting, just upload your files there. Let me know how it goes.
  18. administrator

    LMS-Type Website Development

    You might have to have this built custom.
  19. ydoxy

    Server Issues for MySQL

    you need to hire web development company for fix your server issues.
  20. Yeah, I have used this Feature on my Messenger, I have practically tried to check out this new feature. So it saves us from the drunken text while heating moment.
  21. alexlaxton

    Buy Holiday Email Subject lines!

    I want to send some Catchy Subject Lines but don't know where to buy, I have found this the given Handyman for Catchy Holiday Email Subject lines. They are suggesting many types like Email Subject Lines for Halloween, Email Subject Lines for Cyber Monday, Email Subject Lines for Black Friday, Email Subject Lines for Thanks Giving Day / Free Shipping Day, Email Subject Lines for Christmas, etc. So please suggest is it good to buy from this Handyman.
  22. Faruq

    MySQL PHPMyAdmin

    Hi, I am on ch 2, lesson 1 MySQL, I am confused on how to setup PHPMyAdmin, there are no clear instructions, on 47 seconds of the video a heading appears saying: WAMP, XAMPP AND MAMP ... see the bonus videos. where are these bonus videos? I'm stuck I don't know how to set this up. please help, thank you.
  23. I've been scouring the internet looking for some insights, but I can't seem to find what I need, so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I'm interested in creating a site that is similar to a LMS, like Moodle, Blackboard, and others but for a pretty niche audience. Here is an overview of what I need: I want to have organizations subscribe to and pay an annual fee for access to the site and support services. The site will provide each subscribing organization with its own site or portal. Each portal will start out with a common "shell" that can then be somewhat customized by each subscribing organization in order to meet its individual needs. Each organization will have a single administrator who will handle customization and other aspects, including enrolling and managing individual users. Each individual user will also have their own page or portal that provides specific information and allows for access to various resources provided by both their administrator and those provided by the developer (me). The number of enrolled users may vary depending on the organization. Starting out, the numbers will be pretty small, but if this were to take off, the numbers for each organization could range from hundreds to a few thousand. I realize that there are many details that are not included, but I'm just looking for some info on how to begin building a MVP. Thanks!
  24. The code didn't actually make the call to unset the variables until after the not empty conditional was asked. I was misled because var_dump still printed out an empty session array. Once I changed the order of my code, it worked.
  25. alexlaxton

    Music while coding

    @administrator I agree with you... It totally depends on Coding if it's on a Hard level then Music will not able to concentrate on your coding. So at Design coding, it's more enjoyable to Listening music.
  26. alexlaxton

    Galaxy tab, Android and web design.

    @administratorYes our company is Developing for Android / IOS / ipads You can go through my profile and contact us.
  27. Hi, It looks like a problem with your conditional logic. Try reworking your if()
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