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React vs Vue in 2023 … which is best?

June 23, 2023

React.js and Vue.js are both powerhouses in the JavaScript world today. But, which one is best?

Let’s start off by looking at some interesting stats.

React.js basics:

  • React.js is a library
  • Uses JSX
  • MIT license
  • Used by many fortune 500 companies
  • Runs fast
  • Reusable components
  • Good dev tools
  • Leverages a virtual DOM for better performance
  • Wide variety of tools and libraries

Vue shares many of the same qualities as React, but for a few key elements. See below.

How popular is React thought?

React is the most popular and most used JS lib out there. That said, Vue.js isn’t far behind and continues to grow. In many ways though, Vue is very similar to React (reusable components, virtual DOM, variety of tools etc …) with a few differences:

  • Vue is a framework that works with Javascript, HTML, CSS. Whereas React is JSX only.
  • Vue is easy as pie to get started with, and integrate with existing projects.
  • Vue has superior documentation over React. This is not to be under estimated.

Popularity- React vs Vue?

React has a far wider adoption. Nearly 12 million live sites use React whereas nearly 2 million use Vue. Does that mean there are many more jobs in React? Yes … but how many React developers are floating around vs Vue developers?

React vs Vue Jobs

According to, there are about 70k React jobs open and 10k Vue jobs. So React does have many more jobs but, again … how many developers are chasing the jobs is key. I don’t think job wise, you can go wrong with either.

Salaries are very close as well, where React dev jobs are listed at around $80k/year, and Vue devs are getting close to $85k.


Both React and Vue are valuable to learn, have plenty of jobs and good salaries. So what should you choose?

I think it would be wise to learn the basics of each, just so you know what they are like, and more importantly, you will be able to gauge when using one or the other would make sense, as each has their pros and cons.

Don’t go crazy trying to learn everything about them, just do enough (to be able) to do a little more than hello-world. Just get a feel …

In the end, you can build great apps with both, so I wouldn’t lose any sleep over choosing.

Stefan Mischook