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Month: May 2011

Blackberry Playbook vs. iPad 2

May 24, 2011

Not web design related but I’m a nerd and I do have both the iPad 2 and the Blackberry Playbook. Before I get into my tablet review, please let me point out that I am a big-time Apple user. I have the MacBook Air and it is hands-down, the best computer I’ve ever used.

I rate tablets on the following criteria:

1. Quality of the OS
2. Quality of the hardware
3. The tablet’s ecosystem … apps!

The Playbook has superior hardware and the OS is better. iPad’s OS is clunky by comparison. Blackberry has a smaller screen (7inch vs. iPad’s 9 inch) making the Playbook easier to hold and handle but less attractive when viewing big pages.

That said, I use the Playbook all the time to browse the web. Oh yea, Playbook runs Flash with NO problems. Finally, the Playbook’s OS is much more stable (I’ve crashed the iPad 2 three times within 4 days) and the navigation is superior.

iPad’s Ecosystem is Amazing

iPad on the other hand, has a big advantage with the Apps. There are so many cool apps for the iPad, that no one else can compete in that regard. Playbook being very new, has just a little more than none.

Conclusion – should you get iPad 2 or the Playbook?

It is really use-case specific; if you plan on casually browsing the web and watching videos etc … then the Playbook. If on the other hand, you are interested in games and maybe apps related to education etc … then iPad.

Oh yea, Playbook has MUCH better sound. For reasons unknown (drunkenness perhaps?) Apple choose to put the speaker on the BACK of the iPad!! And finally, the Playbooks screen is sharper.

I personally got the Playbook for fun and the iPad for work.


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How to Easily Password Protect a Web Page?

May 10, 2011

question about web design


From a recent email sent to me:

Hi I am subscribed to Killersites University. I need to add a section on my website that members only can access with a password. Can you tell me where to look to learn how to do this?

Many thanks

There are a few ways to approach this and the way you choose depends on how complex this needs to be. Your options are:

– use php
– use htaccess
– use wordpress or another cms/blog engine .. it can do this for you.

In video library, you can look at:

Htaccess & Mod_Rewrite (4 Videos):


The WordPress section.


Learn basic PHP … The video section in the library is: Beginners PHP (16 Videos):

Another thing you should do is to post the question on the forum so others can jump in.

I hope that helps,


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