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  • Killersites Forum Blog – Disaster Recovery

    Happy Holidays Everyone! Here’s a post on what you should do to recover lost data. From our Killersites Community Forum! Disaster Recovery So anyone lose data? I know you’re out there and likely more of you will. In our case my wife had issues and then the OS would not start and we were offered […]

  • Killersites Forum Blog – HTML or XHTML?

    Hey Everyone, In this week’s forum blog, we look at a post explaining the difference between HTML and XHTML. From our Killersites Community Forum! HTML or XHTML? One of the most important cornerstones to Accessibility is using W3C Standards. That means you need to understand them as well. No small feet. Clearly the first stop […]

  • Killersites Forum Blog – Basic PHP System: View, Edit, Add, Delete records with MySQLi

    Hey Everyone, Here’s some helpful info on a basic PHP system, from our Killersites Community Forum! Basic PHP System: View, Edit, Add, Delete records with MySQLi This is a revised version of my previous tutorial (http://www.killersit…eteadd-records/) which uses MySQLi rather than regular MySQL to connect to the database. MySQLi, often called MySQL Improved, has several […]

  • Killersites Forum Blog – Two Basic CSS Mistakes

    Hey Everyone, The holidays are approaching and it’s starting to get a little hectic out there. Hope you’ve got most of your shopping out of the way! This time I’ve pulled a great discussion from our Killersites Forum Community on 2 very common CSS mistakes made by beginners. If you work with CSS, you’re sure […]

  • Killersites Forum Blog – Two Questions to Remember

    Hey Everyone, Here are two good questions to ask yourself before you start any project, from our Killersites Forum Community! Two questions to remember Two questions that should form the basis of every project you start, every decision you make. * Does what I want to do assist the user?[/*] * Does what I want […]

  • Killersites Forum Blog – Repeating Sections of Code On Many Pages

    Hey Everyone, This week on The Killersites Forum Blog, we take a look at a really insightful post from the Killersites Forum on how to create repeating sections of code on numerous pages. Repeating Sections of Code On Many Pages Question:– I’ve got a site with 100 pages and I don’t want to edit the […]

  • Killersites Forum Blog – Who Do You Have to Design For?

    Hey Everyone, So here it is! The first of our Forum Blog series of insightful posts and discussions from the Killersites Forum Community. Similar to our “Ask A Web Nerd” blog series, this one will showcase some of the best and brightest forum posts and discussions. Enjoy! Who Do You Design For? This is a […]

  • The Killersites Forum Community – A Powerful Resource!

    Hey Everyone, I was looking at the Killersites Forum Community the other day and I was reminded of how valuable a resource it is! There are so many great posts and discussions that answer important questions, I figured it was time to give it some press. For those of you who don’t know, our growing […]