With iPad, Apple has started a new browser war!

January 28th, 2010

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It seems that Apple wants to start a new 1990’s style browser war – this really sucks!

Instead of the war being centered around HTML and the DOM, Apple has decided to make it about rich media delivery – Apple does not like Adobe Flash and they are not supporting it on iPad and iPhone.

… Hey Apple, did you hear that Flash IS THE Web standard for rich media?

Because everyone uses Flash to embed video and audio on the Web today, blocking Flash on the iPhone and iPad (with special exceptions made for Youtube of course!) … is NO DIFFERENT than the proprietary tag wars of the 1990’s between Microsoft and Netscape.

In the original browser war’s, it was all about the software, Netscape vs. Explorer … this time the browser is the physical device .. iPad and iPhone vs practically every other device in the world that can surf the Web. Man this is really beginning to piss me off!

With the HTML/DOM browser wars, in the end, everybody lost … and I lost a lot of hair trying to build cross browser compatible websites!!

Adobe fights back against the tyranny of an Apple

Adobe responds by giving Flash the ability output native iPad applications.

From the article:

The iPhone and iPod Touch were the first devices to popularize surfing the Web from a small screen, using multitouch input to allow users to zoom in and out of Web sites that were originally designed to be seen on larger screens. But the iPhone and iPod Touch don’t support Flash, which is widely used for online multimedia content, and Apple hasn’t signalled that it’s interested in adding Flash support to its line of mobile devices.

… This doesn’t solve our web browsing issue but at least we can enjoy the creativity of the millions of Flash developers out there on the iPad and iPhone – something Apple does not want it seems.

Stefan Mischook

7 Responses to “With iPad, Apple has started a new browser war!”

  1. Raymundo says:

    I wonder if Apple will allow support for Silverlight/Moonlight or Java(FX).

    I still can’t comprehend the big fuzz over the iPad.

  2. […] fact that should make you reconsider Flash only sites, is that Apple is now in open warfare against Flash, where they will not let Flash work on the very popular iPhone and soon to be released (with much […]

  3. Ward Janssen says:

    Apple and Google are also supporting the new html 5 and released recently a compatible browser version (Safari and Firefox), which is also a straight attack against Flash (certainly for the videos on the web).

  4. Adam Kemp says:

    Most smartphones do not support Flash in their mobile browsers. I only found out recently that an upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.1 to 6.5 will allow Flash support in Internet Explorer on my Touch Pro 2. There is a separate app just for watching YouTube videos.

    Flash still commands a bit of CPU power, and only time will tell whether the iPad will (A) support it and (B) be able to run it. Many consumers will be wanting to play YouTube videos, and a standalone iPad YouTube applet should satisfy this need.

  5. James says:

    There’s no need for Flash on the iPhone or iPad. In fact, adding Flash would make the devices slower and less effective.

    Beyond this the future of the internet is not in the browser. It’s in applications (such as the app store) that pull pull the specific data as opposed to loading page after page of useless, frivolous nonsense. The browser was never meant to be a virtual machine running within a computer.

    For me, the benefit of the iPad is the lack of Flash because it moves developers to create applications optimized for the device. There’s no tyranny on Apple’s part. You don’t have to buy the damned thing. And I certainly don’t want someone insisting that I have to buy a device that runs Flash.

  6. vasitellapahki says:

    Caught me eye…

    “Flash IS THE Web standard…”

    “don’t get married to a particular language or technology…”

    Which is it, Stefan?

  7. It is not a question of either or. At this time, for video delivery on the Web, Flash is the standard.

    … With the push from Apple and a few others, HTML5 is becoming more important. But it is still a long way away from having the adoption rate of Flash.


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