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February 8th, 2008

After a few years of (I must admit) pure laziness, I finally started to work on a new set of Dreamweaver CS3 video tutorials.

… But, to be fair to myself, I wasn’t in a hurry to upgrade my Dreamweaver MX videos since the differences between CS3 and MX are really minimal … most of the changes are ‘under the hood’.

dreamweaver cs3 box shot

What is new about Dreamweaver CS3?

Dreamweaver CS3 is Adobe’s first official release of the software (Adobe just bought Macromedia) and so Dreamweaver CS3 now has the Adobe look and feel that is consistent across all their products including, Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3 etc …

Beyond that, the following things stand out:

  • Better CSS support.
  • Better FTP and site management tools.
  • Ajax support with the Spry framework.

… There’s more for sure, but those are the things that stand out for me.

About the Videos

My first set of videos will be a beginners course designed for total beginners to Dreamweaver and web design. I will be giving away nearly half that course in the new Dreamweaver section in

You can check out the videos I have up so far directly:

  1. Setting up a website in Dreamweaver CS3 (Part 1)
  2. Setting up a website in Dreamweaver CS3 (Part 2)

Later on, I will start exploring more advanced features found in Dreamweaver:

  • Ajax and the Spry framework.
  • Dynamic websites .. data-binding.



9 Responses to “Free Dreamweaver CS3 Video Tutorials”

  1. gp says:

    Hi Stefan – I’m waiting for my CS3 Master Collection DVD–should have it in a day or two. I’m looking forward to your insight.

  2. Hi,

    I also have (by way of Santo) new Flash CS3 and Photoshop CS3 videos coming out.

    I’m excited to hear what people think of the new videos – we’ve increased the video size (to 800 X600) and sound quality from our first videos of 4 years back.


  3. Mark says:


    Preview of the videos look excellent. Good luck with the launch


  4. web design philippines says:

    Great tutorials. Hope you can come up with e-commerce web development tutorial videos. Soon you will be like

  5. Deborah says:

    Will you be creating Fireworks CS3 videos too? I understand that Fireworks CS3 has numerous new features and functionality.

  6. Hi,

    We do have Fireworks videos planned. I can’t say though when they will be released.



  7. Deborah says:

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to the Fireworks videos.

  8. guido says:

    very good but where is the rest? or when will you post them?


    guido – belgium

  9. I hope to have more out by the 2nd week of April.



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